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“Spring is in the air”

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  1. Anyeong Haseyo Maangchi & Friends

    After watching the dakjuk video i had to make it. Luv It.
    The watermelon was a nice touch. I love watermelon and i love soju I know there is a Korean way to combine the two of them.

    I Watched this video Sik Gaek i think its a famous Korean restaurant that cooks extra fresh seafood... but in the background there is a watermelon in a bowl of ice.

    My request is for you to show us how to make "Watermelon Soju in a watermelon"
    I just think it will be fun to make for all the upcoming spring parties.


    David Hall NJ

  2. "Watermelon Soju in a watermelon"! : )
    I had a chance to taste it at a Korean bar in New York a while ago.
    OK, I will include it in the list of my future video recipes.

  3. Thank you

    Did you get a chance to view the video ?

    What is was the name of the NYC Korean Restaurant you tried watermelon Soju.

    Do you have a favorite brand of Soju ? I like Chum-Churum - _ -; OTL

    What about a video of you teaching the traditional Korean way of drinking & pouring Soju. I would be happy to be your soju drinking partner... :)

    David H NJ

  4. Soju in the frig


    1. soju.jpg (43.9 KB, 490 downloads) 4 years old
  5. The Korean bar where I tasted the cocktail is called "pocha 32" on the 32nd st. Manhattan

  6. dleehall, that is my kind of fridge!!!

  7. OMG!!! NICE FRIDGE!! If you have a big party, put all your bottles in the bath tub with ice & cold water! =D

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