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    Sometimes when I make kimchi it turns out sticky/slimy. I have wondered if it is the sugar or if using regular onions is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this problem and any idea what causes it. It doesn’t matter if I am making radish kimchi, or cabbage kimchi.



    Are you salting your cabbage enough in the beginning phase? And what kind of salt might you be using? I have had personal experience watching an acquaintance not sufficiently salt the cabbage initially, also another time using iodized salt versus sea salt. On both occasions, the kimchi turned out really slimy without that crisp texture that many people are going for.



    I’m with Michele here: either not enough salt, or a too-brief salting period. A slimy texture normally points to some sort of bacteria being present (not necessarily food poisoning, but bacteria nonetheless), which an adequate salting process tends to control.



    I have just finished making a batch of Kimchi, my largest one yet about 5kg.

    The temperature of the room is a little warmer so I fermented it a little less, about 48 hours instead of a full three days like I normally do. I have used iodineoized salt before and not had a problem but today I opened it and the liquid is super slimy. The kimchi seems good, is crunchy and has a decent taste but I cant get over how slimy it is. What has happened? The only other difference I used was making it with red radish instead of white (I tried three stores and could not get where I am staying)

    I am really upset because I was making a big batch so I could give to all my friends here. Please help???

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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