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    I think this is my first post o.o…I looove all the recipes on this site. Maangchi's videos helped me sort of discover and start cooking Korean food. I like to experiment a lot and am always making my own creations but I rarely ever write them down (or use measurements). I liked this one a lot..that could very well be because I just like Gochujang on everything..haha. So, I thought I should try and write down a recipe for it so I can share it with others :) . If it's hard to follow let me know. I kind of guessed on the measurements so if you try it out and you think it could use a little more or a little less of something please..let me know! ha ha.
    So any way..the moment of truth!

    3 frozen breaded chicken Drummies (I used Schwan's brand but any will do..do they have schwan's ins tates besides MN?)
    21/2 Tbsp of Gochujang
    2 Tbsp of cooking rice wine
    1 1/2 Tbsp real maple Syrup (not the maple flavored corn syrup)

    Follow the directions on the package to cook your chicken.
    Mix your sauce ingredients together thoroughly and add to frying pan or wok at medium heat.
    Stir constantly so the sauce does not burn.
    Once the sauce begins to bubble add your chicken and shake around until fully coated.
    Keep chicken moving until sauce thickens slightly and becomes sticky.
    Turn off heat and serve!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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