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“syrup coated sweet potato or kumara”

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  • started 4 years ago by JCS
  1. Hi Maangchi,

    My name is Jessica and I live in New Zealand. I remember one of my korean friends mother made this sweet dessert, it was some kind of sweet potato or kumara pieces coated with harden sugary syrup. I really enjoyed and wonder what it is called and how do you make it?

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Jessica,
    It's called "matang" in Korean.

    Sure it is one of my upcoming recipes that will be posted.
    My "matang" will look darker than the matang in the photo.
    Thank you for your request!

  3. Thank you Maangchi, I look forward to your video!

    Have a great day!

    God bless


  4. My matang(candied sweet potatoes) and ppottetto (Korean sweet potato fries) recipes are online now. Thank you for your patience!

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