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“Tang Su Yuk”

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  • started 5 years ago by thebrain
  1. Hi Maangchi,

    Do you have any great recipes for Tang Su Yuk?

    Thank you,

    The Brain

  2. thebrain,
    Yes, I do. I will post it soon later. Thanks.

  3. Hi,
    Tangsuyuk recipe is on YouTube now.

  4. hey maangchi... i want to make tang su yuk, but i am appaled at how much sugar goes in. have you tried substituting some of it with honey and sweetener? or do you need the sugar to make the sauce thick?

  5. kumaxx,
    yeah, I know lots of sugar is in Tangsuyuk. But it is tasty when it's very sweet and sour.

    Can anybody recommend good substitute for sugar?

    I use the mixture of water and starch powder that makes the sauce thick.

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