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“Tegutan Soup”

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  • started 4 years ago by yummy7276
  1. I was wondering if anyone knows how to cook "TEGUTAN SOUP" (i'm not sure if this is how you call it- please correct me if I'm wrong). When I was living in Japan, I used to order this ALL the time whenever I go to a korean bbq place. It's a spicy clear soup- so wonderful during winter. I would love to learn how to cook this! If anyone has a recipe, plz let me know!!

  2. Is it fish soup? If so, it may be daegu tang? (cod stew)

  3. Maangchi,

    Yeah- I think that's it! It's super spicy but sooo good! Do you have a recipe for it (is it something that can be cooked easily at home?). Also, while I have your attention, do you have a kimchi brand you recommend?

    Thank you so much! BTW, i've love your youtube videos- you make cooking so enjoyable :)

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