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    Hello Emily, I hope you are warm and well.

    I love your recipe vids and applaud you, for all you have done to bring Korean food and recipes, to us non-Koreans.

    I am of Latin American descent and come from a family of cooks (hobby, not chefs).

    I developed an affinity for Asian culture in my early teens. Martial arts got me curious about Asian cutlures and food.

    Now I’m grown and love all sorts types of Asian food and have raised my kids to love it too. I recently started looking into Korean culture/food a came accross your vids. Your vids gave me insight of Korean cooking and a desire to try to make it myself.

    IMO Mexican and Korean share several similarities. I found several recipes can be converted Korean/Mexican and vise versa, by swapping a few ingredients.

    Funny thing is that I tried some of your recipes, having never tried Korean food. I felt that I did well, but needed try the real deal, in order to see if it tasted the same. So I found a local Korean resaurant (BTW there are not very many in the Phoenix area) and was very pleased with both the restaurant and how mine (with your recipes) compared.

    Now my kids help me make mandu. Plus they love the Korean restaurant too. We to try diferent things each time. Then decide if it is something I shoulld try at home.

    Thank you again, for all you do. Keep up the great/hard work.

    If you ever get to the Phoenix Arizona area, it would be an honor to share meal with you. Maybe I can show you some traditional mexican dishes. Haha.

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