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“Thanks Maangchi and Fans!”

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  • started 2 years ago by michii
  1. I've been reading/viewing for a few years now. I can't say how often I eat Korean food. I eat food and most all of it is Korean. It works well for me, cause I LOVE variety and room temperature food. Its time to diet though so I'm putting together nutrition data (similar to the standard Nutrition Facts labels on foods) for some of Maanchi's recipes. I will do my best to share them here.

    If anyone has data for stock sized dried anchovies that would help be a help. I've been using anchovy paste because the dried anchovies cost a fortune here.

    Thanks again for creating such a wonderful site.

  2. Data for Maangchi's Baechu Doenjang Guk, a traditional Korean cabbage and soybean paste soup. I eat half the pot all at once so that's the serving size.

    (I hope the upload of the table works!)


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