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“The case of the Bitter Radish~”

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  • started 3 years ago by joeyng89
  1. hey everyone here! assuming that everyone is a korean food fan I'm wondering if any of u made Mu Saeng Chae (무생채) before?? Its a type of Banchan available in Maangchi's recipes too~ I ate it in Korean Restaurants and fell in love with it..I tried making it myself tonight but it didn't turn out that good..:(
    the ones I had is sweet, spicy and very sour..I love sweet and sour food! but my Mu Saeng Chae turned out to be BITTER!! I have no idea why this happened..I used a Daikon radish.. :( any ideas or solutions to this??


  2. Fm my experience, I find that local radish (I live in HK), the long white type is usually YUKKY!!! It takes FOREVER to softe,n if it does, that is! And has a strong raw radish taste, no matter how long u hv cooked it and yes, at times, can hv a slight tinge of bitterness. However, local radish in winter, particularly at this time of the year is very good, minus all the unpleasant stuffs mentioned above. When choosing one, find one that is really HEAVY for its size even though u don't need so much radish since it is quite inexpensive, it really makes all the difference. U can cling wrap whatever u don't need and store in the refrigerator, it keeps well for a couple of days provided u don't wash it. The same goes for radish fm Japan.

    Korean radish is always good, it softens very fast and is never bitter fm my experience. But they are pretty expensive in HK so I only buy them during the other times of the year.

    Good luck!

  3. Oh, also other than weight, look for those that hv split alittle coz this means that it is super filled with a high water content.

  4. I've had a bitter radish too when I made mu saeng chae. I think it was a little dried out, so looking for one with high water content makes sense.

  5. thanks everyone for the advice :) well my Mu Saeng Chae ended up failing! and i think wat @vb38 say is quite true..the radish I have is exactly like you described! it smells and tasted yucky! :( problem is I don't see Korean Radish here..not even in huge marts..i ended up putting massive amounts of vinegar, sugar and also chili flakes to forcefully make if taste turned out to be a pickle..well i still could eat it..but not too much though..ended up cooking it in my noodles and it turns out to be lovely.. :p STRANGEEE

  6. @ joeyng89
    ahahahaha.... u simply 'bantai', hah? (sorry, I don't know how to translate this word into English. :(

    I encountered this bitter taste problem too. So, I tried squeezing out the water from the radish stripes rather than cubes. 1st attempt seemed ok. But it lacks that juiciness from the vegetable. Also another bantai case. hehe...

  7. Just blame it on the stupid radish! Don't waste time/effort/money with such inferior product. Totally not worth the heartache!

  8. @vb38
    Your so right!
    I tried experimenting with other types of radishes too. I guess next time I try tasting a small piece of raw radish before proceeding further.

  9. @Tequila hahaha!! *high5* Malaysians!! yaa i simply "bantai" the heartache..coz when i had them in korean restaurants its totalllyy yums..but when i tried making it..oh God..well ended up becoming some pickled radish~ owhhh...

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