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    its right on campus of University of Minnesota on OAK STREET. its a little building so you might miss it.

    the restaurant is under a Karaoke too all owned by korean owners ^^.

    the food there is reallly good. for those who can’t seem to find korean food.

    price is decent up to 20 bux usually on seafood dishes. but they have lunch specials for 6.99 if i remembered correctly if not at least 7.99.

    Their menu is limited maybe about 15 dishes. and appetizers are priced as an entree but they are still good

    Out of minneapolis or saint paul area i love their Kimbap the best. i have yet to try Hoban’s food.

    the atmosphere is very korean like. Like most korean places you get refills on banchan, and it use to be self serve but now they take care of it for banchan. you pick up your order yourself and you return ur tray as well. its like what you see on korean dramas LOL.

    bibimbap, kalibi, bulgogi, dolsot bibimbap, and kalitang are what i usually order and they are AWESOME.

    the banchan’s here vary on what you order and you get about 5-6 banchans

    ANother korean restaurant on campus is TOFU HOUSE.

    its on the same street but crosses another street.

    it’s Really small but cozy and you can see the condensation inside when its cold outside. it reminds me of those little shops in korean dramas as well.

    as you can see their main speciality is Tofu soups with different ingrediants like seafood or beef and they have about 5-10 other dishes besides the soup.

    they have up to maybe 15 soups? but i was there only 2 times. My boyfriend really loves that place and one day with maangchi’s receipe i can make it for him. They have small size and the largest size they have for soups and they are usually the cheapest dishes on the menu. Dishes like Kalibi and bibimbap are really expensive there but it makes sense. they also have a menu set with the soup and a korean dish. the owners there are really nice.

    Another korean place is: MIRRORS of KOREA – st. paul, snelling ave

    kinda pricey place but its worth the money you pay because they give you big portions and you get up to 10 banchans no matter what you order and the waiter there is AWESOME he use to work at this one korean restaurant that closed (*it was the best korean place i went to my freshman year called YUMMY YUMMY* that was on campus in minneapolis) and he remembered me and one of my friend that visited often. great atmosphere and modern and family friendly. they play korean music in the background so if you’re a korean music fanatic you’ll recognize the songs immediately. they have a wider menu than Korea Cafe.

    Lunch Buffet Korean & Sushi – St. Paul, Snelling AVE

    this place was a let down but it was just typical korean food buffet style.

    not a lot of variety but lots of banchan dishes. the sushi there was buffet style so nothing extravagant. for my opinion it was a waste of money for what they have out there as buffet. My boyfriend loves to eat food and even he was disappointed i think we’ll stay away from korean buffets for now lol.


    this place is AMAZING the food taste so authentic and you can see them make it in front of your eyes. i like places like a grocery store and they have their own little restaurant. I’ve only ate there once but it left a big impression on me because i ate with such great people and korean natives so i trust their judgement.

    although nothing beats homecook meals, and i have heard from many korean natives that this was their favorite place for cooked food and grocerys.

    *a case of strawberry milkis is soooooooooooo CHEAP!!!



    Thanks for the review, I’d agree with you, too. I would also like to add another restaurant, Sole Cafe (Traditional Korean Restaurant) off of Snelling Avenue, too. I have to say this is a small cafe, but the food are so delicious. It’s like a rare gem, you have to look for it to find it. This one is my favorite Korean restaurant because the food is authentic, and the chef is so accommodating. She always come out to check and make sure that I am satisfied. The price is also high, but the portion are generous. They restock sides, and all the dishes I’ve ate there have been quite a different satisfaction. My favorites are their bulgogi entrees, bibimbapm, and chapchae…=)



    St. Paul, MN was my childhood place, so I’ll be sure to visit this Korean food restaurant when I’m in MN. That’s so cool…Thanks for the info. :)



    Thanks Vang!~ i will have to try that out when i’m in town. i might have passed it a lot driving through snelling =] i hope to not miss it



    There’s an awesome place right in NE Mpls, its located inside of a korean grocery store so no one really knows its there, They have about 12 different dishes you can order and each dish has a picture displayed on a wall lit menu.. everything is very delicious! Its called Dong Yang market, right off 45th and Central ave, its connected to an Ace hardware store- i know sounds weird. The Grocery store is pretty big and ive been able to find every ingredient that ive needed, they also have a wide variety of frozen seafood and cook wear. they have a local all natural kim chee that they sell which i highly reccomend, I buy a jar every time im there. As for the dining area, it is limited tables but a spot usually opens pretty quick and its definitly worth the wait!

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