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  1. Maangchi
    I dont know if this is my computer
    I cant get the podcasted recipies i want.
    I think you have to update them or something?
    By the way thanks for the recipies!!!

  2. Hi,there,
    Take a look now. Is it fixed?

  3. thanks alot maangchi

  4. I was wondering the same thing- usually the new podcasts don't show up through iTunes, maybe they need some manual step to make things update? The last one I see is for mak kimchi, but the biji jjigae one didn't show up through the iTunes interface :(

  5. Hi,podcast is not updated automatically. I have to sit at my computer and render the video again to post it. It takes hours. I have been too busy since I came back from my trip. Plz be patient until I post it.

  6. oh! That's too bad that it takes a separate step to post them through iTunes- I do like watching through the podcast, but can certainly understand now why they sometimes don't show up!

  7. yes, I updated my most recent recipe kongbijijjigae last night. Enjoy my recipe. Thank you very much for your interest in my recipes!

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