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  • started 1 year ago by Erfhina
  1. Hi all,

    Korean food is very healthy and tasty, this all we know.
    But most of them were made from meat or using meat as their main ingredients which are not convenience for Vegetarian/Vegan people.

    Why I'm saying this? Because I'm a vegetarian, and I had been so sad before because most of those delicious korean food are not Vegetarian.

    So for those who like vegetarian or a vegetarian, maybe you can share some ideas about changing some ingredients from non veg to veg ♥ I've done for ddeokbokki & kimchi. What yours?

    I'm vegetarian which don't consume meats & onions. What is your type?

    I have not much experience in cooking, I just started cooking few months ago and my first dishes is Kimchi. I made by watching Maangchi tutorials. I might need a lot of help from you guys in future for the ingredients, because I'm gonna try to make all korean food into vegetarian. Let's try together!!

    Regards with Love ♥,


  2. why not onions ? onions seem, preety much essential when called for.... naybe garlic or chives intead?

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