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“want to buy, but need translator?”

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  1. Hi there. I live in Yellowknife, NT Canada and cannot buy the Red pepper powder required to make Kimchi. I have purchased dried red chilies from a Vietmanese store here, and am planning on foodprocessing them to make kimchi this weekend. If the flavor isnt what i'm looking for, then I plan on buying pre-made kimchi and getting it shipped to me.

    Using this website that i found on the 'where to buy' forum.

    The only problem im facing when im looking at the cabbage kimchi is that there are 3 different whole cabbage kimchi types, and 1 cut kimchi type.

    Im not quite sure what the differences are between them and cannot read Korean. Ive tried website translators but what they translate to doesn't make sense.

    I like my kimchi quite spicy and when I'm making mine tomorrow im using Maangchi's recipe with carrots and radish (Using Daikon).

    Can anyone shed some light into the 3 different varieties of Kimchi that are for sale on the website? Because i'm really considering buying it pre-made. (Will still be making kimchi tomorrow using the whole dried red chillies, just to see if it works).

  2. The Vietmanese pepper will be very spicy!

  3. 파김치 - this is kimchy made from spring onions

    갓김치 - this is some kind of leaf... i dont know what kind of leaf, but it is quite addictive.

    총각김치 - this is kimch made from ponytail-raddish.

    깍두기(전라도식) - this is cut raddish joellado-style.

    서울식 맛김치 - thats seoul-taste-kimchi...

    you can say, that joellado is very intense taste-wise, while seoul-kimchi is more everybody-taste meaning it will taste less intense.

    just post, which things you like translated... hope this helped

  4. ah.. there is a second site...
    okay.. wait..

    전라도식 맛김치 - this is joellado-taste kimchi... as opposed to 서울식 맛김치, this will be much spicier and more intense.

    포기김치 - this is uncut normal cabbage kimchi.

    and again

    서울식 will be less intense
    전라도식 will be more intense and spicier

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