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“Water kimchi”

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  1. I would like to request your recipe for Nabak kimchi and Dongchimi :)

  2. I used a recipe for nabak kimchi from a cookbook I have (Korean Home Cooking by Soon Young Chung) and it turned out well. I did alter it some. When I looked around for a recipe for nabak kimchi on the web I found this site: It basically is the recipe I used once I made the alterations. My husband thinks that it's good kimchi...I think it has some room for improvement, but he's the Korean, so I guess this recipe could work for you.

  3. Thank you!! What are the alterations you would make to it? i would add mustard greens..

  4. I think it would be good with mustard greens. I didn't have them on hand, so I added minari (Korean watercress?) and I also used both onion and green onion in the recipe. I used course red pepper powder because it was what I had at home and it worked fine.

  5. That sounds good, Im going to add green onion to mine when I make it. thanks!!

  6. Dongchimi please

  7. ick--our nabak kimchi had white mold on it this morning. I remembered reading about this happening to someone's yeolmu mul kimchi here and maangchi told her to skim off the mold, so that is what we did and it tastes fine. But it looks like you should probably eat it quickly...or maybe not. I think it tastes better the longer it sits in the water. Wonder what others think...

  8. Dongchimi recipe is here! : )

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