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    In the article linked below there is a picture with the following caption: “The surprisingly nutty and creamy doenjang pasta (right) showcases the innovative ways that the fermented soybean paste can be used.”

    What in the world is this “doenjang pasta”? Anyone know how to make it? (The book mentioned in the article, “Masters of the Art of Doenjang,” does not appear to be available in English.)





    So far I know the book has not been printed in English. Its in its 5th printing so perhaps someday they will print it in English.

    Do I know what doenjang pasta is? Sorry but No I did find this talking about Doenjang noodle, but is confusing.




    Here is a recipe using pasta and doenjang.


    Chicken Spaghetti with Doenjang (Soy bean paste) Sauce

    2007-11-05Gochujang Recipe

    698011057567.JPG 589

    Doenjang (soy bean paste) and cream sauce (doenjang (soy bean paste) 1 tablespoon, whipped cream 1/2 cup, chopped chicken meat 200g, onions 1/2ea, mushrooms 6ea, garlic 2ea, butter 1 tablespoon, salt, pepper), spaghetti noodles 200g, powdered cheese 1 tablespoon

    ① Melt butter in pan and parch (fry) onions and garlic. Add doenjang (soy bean paste) and continue to parch (fry), then add chicken. Pour soup flavored with beef and mushrooms. Boil. Season with whipped cream, salt, and pepper.
    ② Boil spaghetti noodles in water. Add salt while noodles are boiling. Boil at al dente state and place on dish when done.
    ③ Pour sauce from step ① on noodles from step ②. Sprinkle powdered cheese on top and serve.

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    Thanks guys!

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