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“What is necessary to bring from Korea?”

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  • started 4 years ago by nabiya
  1. I'm in Korea now, and will move back to the States soon. Korean husband already there and eating just ramyun. I need to know what ingredients are necessary to buy in Korea. Is "dulgae" available there? Where can I buy perilla seeds if I am going to need to grow it? Any other seeds available like minari, ssuk? Anyone have any practical advice on what I need to bring for establishing a real Korean kitchen in America? Thanks in advance.

  2. You can buy just about anything in the USA. That said where will you be in the US? LA and NY you can get just about anything. Where I live I have to drive 5 hours to a nice sized market. Then you get into the quality thing. My wife gets shipments of things from her Mom in LA.

    Seeds no problem I just ordered a bunch from Evergreen. There is a nice post not to far back talking about seeds. It has a big list of places.

    So if there is something you can't live without out the best one. Bring that. But over all don't worry to much. But you may have to drive to get it.

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