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“What is the difference between dakgalbi and dak bulgoki?”

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  • started 5 years ago by djesteban
  1. Hi,

    Is there an actual difference between dakgalbi and dak bulgoki or is it two different name for the same meal. I have been cooking some marinated spicy chicken (which I always called dakgalbi somehow) for some years now. I got the idea on how to make it from one of my favorite Korean restaurant and got the recipe from a book which called it dakgalbi. I fell in love with the recipe since the taste was very close to what was served at that restaurant; but to my surprise, when I went there the other day,I realized that they call it dak bulgoki on the menu (which gives you an idea on how much I look at the menu).
    So basically I was wondering who is wrong or if it is just two names for one plate :)

    Thank you in advance!

  2. from what I know dakgalbi uses gochujang and dakbulgogi doesn't (it calls for honey/corn syrup). Another difference is the color. Dalgalbi is red and spicy whereas dakbulgogi is brown and sweet.

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