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    Hi Everybody~

    I just went to Korean Market to buy some perilla seeds powder to make Gamjatang and I found this ingredient (see pic below). I tried to match it with other Maangchi's ingredients in the web but still don't know what is this.. (i'm guessing maybe this is kong garu, but the hangul is different) I just can read the last two characters, "Ga Ru" hahahahaha ^^. maybe I should start taking korean language lesson..

    Thank You~

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    It’s different from roasted soybean powder.

    미숫가루or 미수가루 is pronounced misu garu. it’s made from multi-grains such as rice, brown rice, barley, soybeans, etc. You can make your drink with this powder. Add 3-5 tbs misu garu, sugar, and water to a large glass, then stir it well and drink. Some people eat this as snack or for breakfast.



    Hi everyone, I was wondering is it possible to make my own misugaru powder? Any recipe? Thanks

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