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“What's the best way to store away your grains of rice?”

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  • started 3 years ago by hellokitty08
  1. I have a BIG bag of rice but I don't know what's the best way to always keep them fresh. I know koreans use like a special container for them. Can someone tell me what that is? Or what's the best way to always keep your grains of rice fresh? Thank you.

  2. I think the best way to store the rice or the grains is the rice storage device where you can store you're grains or a sack of rice..

  3. The main idea of rice storage would be to keep out moisture and bugs, so a good seal is important. The other things to consider is cost of the container, weight of the filled container, and size of your storage area.

    For example, here's how I do it. For weight, I don't want to drag out a 25-pound storage bin because I'm a little old lady, so I use a lot of smaller containers. Also, I'm cheap so I want something that doesn't cost a lot. Finally, I want the containers to fit on the shelves in my pantry closet, and I want a lot of the rice way in the back of the shelves so it's out of the way. So, I use canning jars and I get all these benefits. PLUS, I use the pint (2 cup) size, which is how much rice I cook at one time, so I don't have to measure it out each time.

    Other nice ideas I have seen in the markets here are the stacking/locking containers that come in all sizes, and containers that let you POUR the rice out for measuring.

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