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“Where to buy traditional korean kitchen utensil online?”

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  • started 5 years ago by hliew0
  1. Hi there everybody!

    I live in Western Australia and seem to have a big problem finding korean kitchen utensils here, is there somewhere online where I can purchase them? If there's anyone out there who knows please please let me know and post them up as I am sure there's plenty of Australia who is crazy about Korean Cuisine!

    Thanks again!
    Happy Cooking!

    Kind Regards,

  2. You might try, good luck.

    Lisa in Tucson Arizona

  3. As far as I am aware the only online Korean shopping site that ships internationally is - you often have to search for the hangul term and use google translate to work out what you are buying. I successfully bought a number of things from there such as a sinseonllo pot, dasik moulds, yakgwa moulds, etc.

    As far as cooking utensils - the only way I was able to buy those was to go to Korea and shop in the markets - I haven't found any online (even on gmarket).

  4. Blimey, JamieF, Gmarket is overwhelming! I'm after a black pot like Maangchi's but after browsing for I don't know how long, I'm cross-eyed and confused. Sigh...

    I'm wondering if I should just use my Chinese sand/clay pot and just be done with it!

  5. A seller on eBay has Korean earthenware pots in various sizes, and stone pots:

  6. Namdaemun market should have everything you're looking for.They have dolsot pots for bibimbap or rice, which will be heavy. You can get kimchi pots there, too.

  7. I'm sure, Skyl, but hliew0 is in Western Australia! :D

    Hliew0, are you after anything in particular? Other than the pots above, I have found many things online and in general Asian grocers and hardware shops; even if the shops are not specifically Korean, they tend to have a range of items from here, there, and everywhere in Asia.

    You can get large infusers similar to Maangchi's strainer that she uses for anchovy stock in large kitchenware shops or online here:

    I also bought a nifty little strainer from Daiso for $2.80. It clips to the side of the pot, so I put in my stock ingredients, and when the stock is ready, lift the strainer out. No mess! I've attached a pic.

    A Thai charcoal grill can also be used for Korean BBQ.

    What else? Let me know and I'll try to help.


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