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    Hi maagachi,

    My Auntie and I in Singapore had some plans on opening a small shop here. The shop will be based on Halal Korean Cuisine. Hence, I was told to learn How to make kimchi and learn to make varieties of them. For now,I’ve already had your cabbage and radish kimchi on my mind to get started just that I’m curious How to make the yellow round radish kimchi. Also both my Auntie and I were planning to go to Korea to learn How to cook the Korean side dishes and the main dishes cuisine. Do you have any recommendation for us to have a home stay and perhaps learn cooking there from the owner? I would really appreciate that since you No longer stays in Korea. Singapore is a small country but it have varieties of Asian to western food just that it is hard to get a Halal Korean food here. I am sure,a lot of the Malay out there wants to try it out since KPOP is running wild here in Singapore and so does my family and I. We love watching Korean drama,movies and even the songs. They are fabulous. So please please pretty please teach me How to do the radish and help me out on the home stay… :) I hope I can get your reply ASAP and thank you for reading…




    I found the following recipe, but I do not know how authentic it is. Perhaps somebody more knowledgeable can advise.



    My danmuji recipe is online now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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