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  1. Hello!

    I was born in Seoul but was adopted by a couple in Minnesota, where I arrived to them at four months old. Of late I've been more and more interested in Korean culture stemming from my interest in Korean pop music and watching a lot of Star King and Star Golden Bell on youtube!

    The only taste of Korean food I've ever had was when I went to Korean Culture Camp when I was nine. It was a camp specifically for Korean adoptees, to teach them about Korea. They tried to give us Korean food for lunch, but it tended to backfire. In Minnesota (back in the 1980s) I know my mother's idea of 'spicy food' was adding chives to the mashed potatoes, so having even a taste of the red-hot kimchi was enough to make a huge line at the water fountain after lunch.

    Watching Maangchi cook is very much like I imagine watching my Korean mother cook would have been, and it makes me feel more in touch with my Korean self. Thank you for putting up your videos!


  2. Hello!!!
    I just found this blog and I am thrilled!!!!
    I am from Germany and halfkorean!!! So I eat korean food on a regular base, but there are recipes my mom can´t cook!!!!
    So last Oktober when I went to Korea I usually take the chance and eat all my favorite food!!!
    So therefor I am thrilled to have found this side!!!
    Maybe I will be able to teach my mom a couple of dishes...;-)

  3. Hi. I'm Ali. I'm an American teaching English in Seoul. I've been here almost two years. Despite being friends with almost only Koreans, none of my friends know how to cook. I stumbled across this site and love it! I've made a few dishes and taken then to work for lunch and my Korean coworkers are impressed that I cook better Korean food than they do. haha

  4. Well hello to everyone and Maangchi I joined because I am very interested in Korean food mainly because it is spicy and has lots of vegetables. At my school we are all very health conscious and so am I i switched form whole milk to soy and skim and I cut out alot of excess breads and animal products! I cook Korean food now because it tastes great and it's far better for me.

  5. Hello people.
    My name is Wangari. I'm actually African, i was born in Kenya. My parents worked with a lady who's Korean and she invited us over for dinner. We ate Kimpap and some sort of potato stew. She let us try Kimchi, but at first, i didn't like it. Then i started watching the dramas, and loved it, especially the sayings such as, " 야
    시끄러" So I decided to start learning the language. I've been studying for 3 months now. So obviously the next step was to learn how to make the food, and here I am. I live in the Chicago surburbs. I actually found a restaurant that sells tofu stew and a market. So that got me excited. I am looknig foward to learning more.

  6. I was introduced to Korean Food when I was in the Navy. My ship went to Busan Korea 12 times during the three years I was onboard. When I came back to the US it was very hard to find Korean Cook Books in English.

    Now I have some very good Korean Cook Books and with the internet I can cook some very good Korean food. I have had Koreans tell me to open a Korean Restaurant specializing in my Buckwheat Soba Noodles in Spicy Sauce. But I am to lazy to open a Restaurant.

    Next I have learn to make Kimchie.

  7. Hello Everyone.
    I'm 23 and going to school. I just am soooooo happy I found this site. I lived in Korea for 2 years and have been back for about 7 months now and alls I can make is 김밥 and 김치찌개. I miss korean food but now I can make it and all my happy memoreis will return.ㅋㅋㅋ Thank you soooo much. I miss korea so much that I have to keep up with my korean dramas, east of Eden, Boys over flowers, and such. I love Korea I wish I could go back.

  8. Hi!

    My mother is Korean, my father caucasian. My parents met when my father was in Korea in the Army. Then they had my older sister and then me and my twin sister! I have so many fond memories of eating Korean food with my mother & sisters. Now that I'm older(36) it brings back all those good memories to eat korean food. My husband and four children love korean food too! My son told me once that he would live with me until I taught his wife how to cook korean food:D. I am so happy that my good friend showed me your website. You're so cute Maangchi, thank you for taking the mystery out of korean cooking!!

  9. Hello Everyone,

    My name is Vanessa. I married a Korean :) I knew nothing about Korean food or culture before meeting my husband. I love all types of foods and am thrilled to add Korean to the list. Now that I cook it all the time I have many questions. I look forward to learning.

    Kind Regards,

  10. Hi Maangchi!
    My name is Lisa and my Korean name is Lee Lil Young. I was born in or around Seoul in Hongsung county- not sure. I was 5 years old and my sister 9 when we were adopted to the USA (Arizona) in 1974. We have no record of our father who was African-American but our mother is Korean. We came with records and we have our Korean genealogy of our mother. With children of our own now we plan to do a search to thank our mother for the life she chose to give us, send her pictures and possibly find out about who our father was. My adoptive mother kept our Korean name as our middle name which I am thankful for. I grew up in a wonderful large Irish Catholic family.
    My memories of Korean food are so deep and emotional. When my sister and I get together to eat Korean food, we get so excited talking about this flavor and that, and remember these noodles? I absolutley adore food of all cultures but Korean food is dear to my heart of course! I have several cookbooks and just watching you cook stimulates me to make Korean food again!
    I am also interested in raw food vegetarianism and so many Korean dishes are perfect! Fermented vegetables are so good for the bowel and I loooooove kim chi. Speaking of, please can you post mustard green kimchi? I have had store bought but it was bitter and too salty. I know just about every vegetable can be made into kim chi! I love your website and videos, Maangchi, and I am so glad to see such passion for Korean food in the world! Thankyou

  11. Hi Maangchi and everyone! My name is Cat, and I'm 1/2 Korean, 1/2 American. I was raised on homemade Korean food, and now that I'm 24 I'm learning how to make it myself, from my mother. Maangchi helps me out, when I forget a recipe or want to try something new. Thanks, Maangchi!

  12. HI Maangchi, my name is George.I and my wife are from Czech Republic now residents of Australia.We travel yearly to see our parents in Prague. Always taking Korean Airlines for staff friendlines and food. This year we decided to spent 3 nights in Seoul. Wow, What an "eye opener". We have not seen 10,5 million people town working so efficiently, so clean, young and friendly.Living in Oz one can see people so obese that`s not funny. In 4 days in Seoul we saw only 5. and the food is served in such volume that I asked myself what is it that we eat and Korean not? I think it is potatoes and white flour. Matter of fact the European cousine is even worst. Heavy sauces, procesed food and habit not to eat much veggies is just terrible.

    Maangchi, your demo is fantastic and looking forward to learn more recipes from lovely Korea.


  13. Halo Maangchi, Annyong haseyo Irene imnida... Haha, i only know this sentence... I'm from singapore, love to eat korean food and also like cooking. Sometimes i'll trying to invent some dishes(Dun worry,can be eaten^o^) for frens to try out. Maybe next time i'll try to use korean ingredients to cook asian food then post photo on here :-P. I love to watch Maangchi videos, its always look delicous. I also try to cook ddukbokki, i've added some cabbages and fish cake in it. it taste more delicous... Thanks Maangchi


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  14. Hi all, I've been following Maangchi and her recipes on Youtube for a few months. Like many posters here, I'm half Korean. My mom can't cook. I always thought that she couldn't cook American food because of being an immigrant, but I learned that she can't cook ANY kind of food - cooking isn't her thing, LOL!

    I was born in Seoul, came to the states as a toddler, and returned to live there a few years as a teenager, along with being stationed in Taipei and Kaiserslautern, Germany -- the life of a military brat! Now I make Southern California my home.

    Luckily we have oodles of Korean restaurants and groceries here. But I have started to cook some of Maangchi's recipes and now I am determined to try more. They are delicious. I couldn't have imagined mere months ago that I would be making soondubu chigae - OMG! See my pix under the fans section.

    Mom lives in Maryland now and when I told her what I was cooking she couldn't believe it. Heh-heh - gotta love the internet.

  15. Hi I'm Michelle, I currently live in Oregon and have always asked my mom to teach me to cook Korean food since I had refused to learn before I moved out. I'm half-Korean and had to privilege to live in South Korea, Dongducheon-si. I love KOREAN FOOD didn't realize how much I would miss it. Since finding you're website I've made bbibimbab, spinach side dish, gosari side dish. my most favorite dishes are the ssul lang tang and kkalguksu do you have a recipe for those? My mom wants me to move back in with her since I crave soo much Korean food! I wish I could then I won't be the only one who eats Korean food in my home. Thanks for all the great recipes here!!!!!

  16. Hello Everyone,
    I went to Korea to teach English (illegally) a few years back and got caught. Although I only spent two weeks teaching, I spent nearly a year in prison. Since returning to the United States I miss many tastes from the Korean prison diet, such as soybean stew.

  17. Hello Everyone,
    I went to Korea to teach English (illegally) a few years back and got caught. Although I only spent two weeks teaching, I spent nearly a year in prison. Since returning to the United States I miss many tastes from the Korean prison diet, such as soybean stew.

  18. KoreanPrisonBuddies,
    I'm sorry to hear that! 1 year is too long period. : (
    Anyway, welcome to my website! I will do my best to provide a good and easy recipe.

  19. Maangchi,
    I know you had a cooking class at Whole Foods. In fact, I tried to enroll in it, but it was already full. I hope you have another class soon.

  20. Hello Mrs.Maangchi...
    Thanks for show about korean food..

  21. Hello,
    I just stumbled onto you videos about a week ago. I was first introduced to Korean food by some friends from college and have loved it ever since. I have found Korean recipes in the past but some of them where to confusing for me to follow. I love your videos. They make cooking Korean so much easier for me. I have really enjoyed trying different recipes! Thanks a bunch for all your hard work!!

  22. Ahn nyoung ha say yo! Maangchi! You brighten my day! ^o^ My name is Katie. I was born in Korea, and adopted by an American family in Oklahoma at the age of one. The first time I tried Korean food I was 19 years old!!.. and i loved it! I love to create all types of food.. Italian.. Thai.. Vietnamese.. American.. (However, my love affair with cooking didn't begin until i was about 22.. I am now 27.) ..for years I tried Korean cookbooks and recipes online.. but UNTIL i found your site a year ago my "Korean cooking" was terrible! I just want to say THANK YOU SOOOO Much!!!
    my Korean cooking skills would be lost with you!
    with love~
    Katie <3

  23. Anyunghaseyo and greetings from the UK :-) !!

    My name is Becki, and I'm English. When I was 18yrs old I worked in a Christian counselling center for a year, and three of my roommates were Korean. They made me bulgogi...I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

    Three years later I embarked on a round-the-world trip, and was supposed to visit my best friend in Seoul for three weeks at the end of my trip before going home. The first morning I woke up in her apartment however, I felt so warm and welcome and so at home, that within my first week there I found two jobs as an English teacher, and stayed for five months...the best five months of my life :-)

    The food...oh, the food! I fell in love with almost all of it. People kept trying to feed me fried chicken and sandwiches because I'm from the west, but I assured everybody that I only wanted Korean food.

    When I came home, I had serious withdrawal, but when I came to University as a mature student I met loads and loads of Koreans who love to cook for me! Last year, as part of my MA in Ethnomusicology (studying Korean church music) I got to go back to Seoul for a month, and had the best Easter ever :-) I discovered hodaek this time as well...oh my goodness, it's so tasty!

    I love Korea...I love Koreans...I love Korean music...and I LOOOOVE Korean food! I'm so excited to find this website, as I've never been very good at making anything other than kimpap. I think this is the start of something good :-)

    Love and blessings x x x

  24. Anyunghaseyo!!! Hey, Maangchi! My name is Allison and i discovered korean food through korean dramas. The food looked sooo good in the drama that i made my mom (She's a trooper for trying new things)go out to a korean noodle house in New Jersey.
    I know live in North Carolina and there are only a few korean restaurants. So i decided to try cooking korean food. So far my my brothers and parents enjoy our korean dinner fridays.
    Right now i live in my university's dorm so my korean cooking has been put on hold till this summer when i get back home.
    Thanks to your videos i've been improving! I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to sharing the korean culture!
    With Love,
    P.S. Hopefully the next time I'm in New York i can take one of your cooking classes. They look like a lot of fun!

  25. hi peeps~

    my parents are korean and came to germany about 35~40 years ago. so i was born here (and admittedly my korean suuuux... so english recipes are awesome haha)...

    first time i found this site was when i searched for a good kimchi recipe... obv. i have eaten kimchi all my life... but i always wanted to try it myself. Turns out that it's not really that hard to do (there seems to be some kind of "kimchi is so hard to make"-myth lol), but just veeery tiring hahaha~ ;D awesome awesome! :D after that I started trying jajangmyun, dukboggi, bibimbap, etc etc.. ^__^

    Thanks so much! :D

  26. Hi Maangchi !!
    My name is Inge and I'm Indonesian but now I'm studying in Malaysia..
    First time I ate Korean food when I was 11 years old, I had family trip to Korea..
    And then I fell in love with all Korean stuff ever since..
    My favorite Korean food is rice cake and the noodles..

    Thx for providing Korean recipe, can't wait to try it :)

  27. 안녕하세요 Maangchi!!

    Hello hello my name is Cynthia i was born in indonesia but now i studied in Kuala lumpur,malaysia... focused on food and beverage.. and of course i have passion in FOOD ^^ . and one of attracting cuisine for me is KOrean .. and i have tried it since my junior high school i also discovered it since i watched Korean drama.. i love dukkboki, bimbimbap,bulgogi,and etc (am i write it correctly?) hehehe,,by the way i was trying to find some recipes and found out Maangchi!!,and i look through and it was really made me hungry for more korean food....

    it such as nice of you for providing recipes so i could try to cook it Thank you Maangchi

  28. Hello from San Francisco! My name is Joan and ever since I've been off work I'm enjoying the Korean Dramas and Korean Dishes. I'm filipino and enjoy all vegetarian dishes. I really like (bindaeduk)(kimchi)and so much more. This is great site!

  29. Hello!! I haven't had a chance to properly introduce myself... Well, my name is Courtney, and I love Korean culture!! From their fashion, to music, to their dramas, and most importantly, their food!! I used to live in California and I had a friend who's mom was Korean and she would sometimes give us Korean food such as bulgogi and kimbap and they were sooo delicious :]

    Then my family moved to Ohio and I met another girl who's mother was Korean (what a coincidence hahaha!!), and her mother would make us Korean food as well, such as seaweed soup, japchae, bulgogi, and kimbap. I really wanted to learn how to make these for myself, so I could have them whenever I felt like, and that's when I found some of Maangchi's videos on Youtube!! I was so excited she had all the recipes I wanted to make, as well as more recipes I wanted to try!! I've tried so many of the recipes and they've turned out really tasty and my older sister (the only one in my family who's willing to try Korean food) loves them as well!!

    So anyways, thank you for taking the time to make all these videos, Maangchi, they're great and I can't wait to try more!! :]

  30. ohla :)
    como estas maanchi?
    hahaha i love asians and there culture
    im not any kind of korean though :(
    im afrikan amerikan/mexican
    im from phoenix,az
    i m also leraning how to speek KOEAN,CHINES, AND JAPANESE :)
    since i want to go to all those places im learning the laguages and the foods soo im not to foriegn
    hehehe your recipes help alot
    even though i havnt got to try any of then :)
    kuz im gunna wait to try them till im 18 and move out haha im only 16 right now plus i dont really kmow wer to go to get supplies for korean meals soo...and wen i move out im moving to califoria and they have a koreaTown and probly better asian markets then in Arizona :)
    plus im learning the recipes for myself kuz i wanna be a chef but im more into anything sweet sooo
    hehehe LOE ALL UR RECIPES !!!


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