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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Anh. My father is Vietnamese and my mother is Korean. I’m an undergraduate student studying Bioenvironmental engineering and would like to go to medical school in the near future. I grew up speaking both Vietnamese and French, but only know how to speak a limited amount of Korean. Hopefully that will soon change because many of my Korean friends are helping me improve my understanding of the language. So far, I’m picking it up really fast!

    One of my favorite memories involving Korean food happened when my mother and I were eating some kimchi with our dinner. We opened the jar and my father (who is still not used to the smell of the fermentation gases) thought there was a gas leak from one of our house pipes. My mother and I couldn’t stop laughing!



    Hi Maangchi

    I’m Jeremy from England and I discovered my passion for Korean food whilst teaching in South Korea. Now back in the UK, I find myself living in a city devoid of Korean restaurants! Fortunately, I can pick up certain ingredients such as kimchi and gochujang etc from Chinese supermarkets. I also have a gas bbq and two stone pots so at least dolsot bibimpap isn’t a problem! At the weekend with the help of a Korean friend I cooked dwaengjang jigae, samgyopsal and dolsot bibimpap ( apologies for the spelling!)but we’d like to try galkuksu next time. Would you happen to know (or anyone else) have a recipe for this soup?

    Thanks for all your hard work in creating and updating your site!



    Hello all :)..~

    My name is Rebecca and I’m 16 years old ^^. I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I’m a student. My first experience was from my best friend in South Korea. She has since moved back, but anyway.

    She spent three years here and I never really knew much about Korean culture at all until her! I’m thankful for her, and really, miss her dearly. I would go over her house to watch Korean soaps, which first got me intrigued in the culture :P like others here. Her mother didn’t cook Korean food often when I came over, but I told her I’d like to try it. I never had Korean food before! Next time I came over… it was so yummy! Really different from other cuisine I’ve had before.

    Even more since she has moved back to Seoul, I have become interested in the food, way of life, and language. I’m very lucky to live about 5-10 minutes from a Korean grocery store, and I love it! :) I find myself there all the time, and might even stop by today.

    Honestly, outside of my own cooking and that of my friend’s mother, I have not had much Korean food. I’ve had mandu at a small Korean place downtown, which was delicious. But my experience with Korean food isn’t much. Maangchi, your videos were great. I really love cooking and usually follow paper, but when I watch your recipes I do become really interested! You’ve taught me some new things and really opened my eyes to some great food! I hope to definitely try more and meet a lot of people here :) Thanks.


    Hi, everyone my name is nina. I’m 22, and am currently staying in Indiana. I first got into korean culture and food with my roommate from college about 4 years ago. I have been to korea 3 times since then and am currently dating my korean boyfriend for almost 2 1/2 years. I’m trying to learn more of the language, culture and how to cook korean food. It is something I would love to know how to do, especially since i enjoy it so much, and it is hard for me to ask his mother for recipes since she can’t speak english and my korean is not that great. Maangchi, thank you for making this blog and posting recipes.I have been looking for a good korean recipe site in english, thank you!



    Hmmm, I’m Charmaine.

    I found this website ( accidentally.

    i wasn’t really a fan of korean cooking but i AM a fan

    of korean singers especially DBSK and KYUHYUN. I am

    Filipino and cannot understand the Korean language

    but i am preparing to learn the tough language haha.

    i never ate korean food before but i’m willing to try

    anything KOREAN. i absolutely love them. One of my

    ultimate goal is to live in Korea and stay for good.

    :-) and successfully cook the rolled omelette, i keep





    Hi! My name is Hope!

    I think this site is amazing. When maangchi said in her message to me she had a forum I had no idea it would be this elaborate! Really nice~!

    Anyways, I started making kimchii a few months ago. Sometimes I would just randomly crave fresh kimchii and my mom taught me the basics to making simple radish kimchii (julianne cut radish with kimchii sauce) and I caught on really quick. From there I tried to make the regular cabbage kimchii but I didn’t know I was supposed to put the cabbage in salt for a long time and it turned out really weird and yucky. Anyways! I just started searching for “kimchii” recipes and eventually I found maangchi! Well, I don’t know THAT many korean recipes, but I do know a few. (probably not anything maangchi doesnt know) but im happy to share my recipes here since maangchi was so generous to give me her spicy raw oyster recipes! (oh yeah, i bought that at the store for like 8$ and my dad ate it all in one meal >_>) The thing about when I cook is that my father tends to eat up all the goodies I make! Although he makes me happy that what I made tastes good, I wake up the next day and feel disappointed when I can’t find that dish I made the day before!

    That was long :] Anyways hi!



    Hi everyone. My name is Sandy. I was actually born in Korea, which is where my parents met each other when my father was stationed there. My mother is South Korean and my father caucasian. We moved to the U.S. when I was a small child, and even though I spoke Korean fluently during my early years, my mother (like a few of you have already mentioned) also thought I would have trouble fitting in…so she strongly discouraged anything except English in the house. To add to that tragedy, my mother doesn’t cook. LOL Luckily her friends do, and I have had many a fond memory of sitting in the cushion of my mother’s crossed legs on the floor while my “aunts” would make kimchi or mandu. Feeling my seat lift and shift as my mother would take a piece to taste and so proud when they would then ask me to taste for them. I would nod my head knowingly and suggest adding a little bit more salt or garlic amongst peels of laughter and delight from women who were grateful to see a younger generation appreciative of the flavors and tastes of their homeland.

    And then, as any Korean child expects, would come the dreaded cheek pinching. I don’t know what it is about older, Korean women and children’s cheeks. Oh well, my skin might have been red afterwards, but it was worth it for that salty, crunchy, spicy, garlicky mouthful of just made kimchi.



    Hi everyone

    My name is Daryl (that’s a female Daryl btw). I’m British and living in Namhae – a small island on the south coast of South Korea. I love cooking and I love Korean food and I especially love fish which is plentiful and fresh here.

    Unfortunately so few people in this small town speak English and I don’t speak Korean (yet) there is no-one to teach me how to cook Korean. All the ingredients are on my doorstep and I’ve tasted wonderful things in restaurants, but I really wanted to learn how to make things for myself.

    Maangchi’s website is brilliant and a life saver – I made my first dish tonight and it was pretty good. I’ll keep on trying.




    I was adopted from Korea (to the US) when I was 5 years old. I am now 28 years old. I have loved Korean food all of my life. I never had much interest in Korean language or culture because I was so focused on doing well in the US. Last year was my first time back to Korea. I took 3 vacations for 4-5 weeks each! Each time I went I loved it even more. Someday I hope to be able to live in Korea for a couple of years. Since my visits, my interest in Korea has really grown.

    Im addicted to Korean Dramas; Ive watched Full House, Coffee Prince, Kim Sam Soon, Attic Cat, Im Sorry I Love You, Likable or Not, and still watching You are My Destiny, and just started Women of the Sun. I am totally addicted, I like how they are not as trashy as American television.

    Ive been working overseas in Africa for the last 2.5 years and Ive tried several different language programs including Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur. They are OK, except Im not very good at languages. Im definitely a math/engineering person. I started a new job in St. Louis. I decided to find a Korean language tutor. I found an excellent tutor, who is studying at one of the universities here. I’ll have to say its definitely the best way to learn. Obviously its the most expensive but well worth the cost!!

    I really like to cook. I found out about Korean Food bloggers a coupld of months ago, and started my own. There is a small group of us who blog about all the Korean food we make or eat..I guess were labeled as “foodies”. Anyways, I found Maangchi’s webiste through one of my “foodie” blogger friends.

    Thanks Maangchi!



    ^^ mistyped my name…lol



    Hello, Maangchi. When I found you on YouTube I almost shouted out loud with joy. I’m just your average, scruffy college student who misses her mom’s cooking (my parents came here from Korea before they had me), and I can’t thank you enough. Now I can pull together some scraps from Safeway and have what tastes like a home-cooked dinner.

    THAAANK YOUUU! I’ll be checking your site diligently for new recipes.




    My brother & I are both transplants from Seoul, S.Korea when we were 5 & 3 respectively. We were both adopted in the late 70s by an American family, but were very lucky to be around Korean families in the US. I grew up surrounded by Korean moms who made sure I knew some cultural history and how to cook traditional foods (how else, besides a college education, would I catch a man)? Just kidding.

    Unfortunately, because everyone was so focused on speaking English in the households, most of us kids don’t speak fluent Korean. Wish I could go back in time for that…

    I found Maangchi’s site last year and LOVE it! You make preparing and cooking these dishes so simple!




    Hi Maangchi and everyone else!

    Just stumbled into you yesterday when looking for galbi recipe. Can’t believe I found you on youtube! Thanks Maangchi for all your recipes and easy to follow “cooking shows.”

    I’ve been married almost 10 yrs with two kids. I cook to feed the family but not very tasty food. My mom and my husband are excellent cooks especially my mom who makes all the different kids of kim chi varieties & home made mandoos & duks (rice cakes of sorts). I’m not the type to learn while they are rushing to cook and mom explaining, pinch of this and that. She gives me ban chan (side dishes) and even soups to feed my family so I didn’t feel the need to learn. I want my kids to think my food is good. They are young so they seem to think my food taste good but I know this won’t last =) Anyway, I tried your galbi recipe and steamed egg in 24 hrs of watching you and the kids were impressed. Hubby will taste it when he comes home.

    Btw, do you have LA galbi recipe? I’m thinking it will be little different from reg galbi and couldn’t find it on your site??? Thanks in advance.

    Curious, do you get anything from youtube w/all the cooking you do? I’m sure it’s not cheap. Take care. I’ll tell all my friends about you.

    Eun from Maryland




    I agree with you that you want your children to consider you are the best cook!

    Have you checked my bulgogi stew recipe? I made marinade for bulgogi there. You can use the marinade for LA ribs.



    hi maangchi. i’m from berlin germany and i love your site. i always loved cooking especially korean cooking but since i am a boy, my mother and my aunts refused to teach me cooking. (they are old-fashioned ladies so what can you do.)

    so i’m very happy to have stumbled across your site.

    anyways… the idea with videos is sooo great, you have to keep going!!

    bye from berlin

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