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  1. ohla :)
    como estas maanchi?
    hahaha i love asians and there culture
    im not any kind of korean though :(
    im afrikan amerikan/mexican
    im from phoenix,az
    i m also leraning how to speek KOEAN,CHINES, AND JAPANESE :)
    since i want to go to all those places im learning the laguages and the foods soo im not to foriegn
    hehehe your recipes help alot
    even though i havnt got to try any of then :)
    kuz im gunna wait to try them till im 18 and move out haha im only 16 right now plus i dont really kmow wer to go to get supplies for korean meals soo...and wen i move out im moving to califoria and they have a koreaTown and probly better asian markets then in Arizona :)
    plus im learning the recipes for myself kuz i wanna be a chef but im more into anything sweet sooo
    hehehe LOE ALL UR RECIPES !!!


  2. Hello! My name is Julie. I have been cooking Korean food for a few years, but found it hard to find recipes, especially since I am a vegan. Until I found your site, Maangchi! I have been coming here since last year and found so many great recipes for foods I have been wanting to try. Now most of the Korean food I make is from you. And your kimchi recipe has replaced my old one, after veganizing it of course:)

    It is so funny because I am multiracial (3 races of 9 ethnicities) and whenever I go to the Korean market all the ajjumas always ask me if I am cooking for my husband's family. Or they ask "where did you learn to cook Korean food? Your husband's family teach you?" When they see what I am buying they always assume I am married to a Korean man. I always tell them about your site Maangchi and how much you have taught me.

    I am very interested in Korean culture. I watch a lot of Korean dramas and movies and listen to Korean music. I know more about what's going on in Korea's entertainment world than here in the US. I have also taught myself to read, write and speak a little Korean or Hanguk (slowly though and I don't always know what I am reading or saying!). But with practise I hope to be fluent one day.

    Thank you so much Maangchi for sharing your recipes and expertise! I have loved EVERY one of your recipes that I have tried. My favorites are jjajangmyun, kimchi, daengchang chigae (which I make at least every other week), rainbow cake, hoddeok and japchae.

    I was also very thrilled to be interviewed for your Fans section!


  3. Hello from Belgium. I was born in Korea and raised in the U.S. I always thought cooking Korean food would be impossible since my mom cooked by "feel" of things. Thank goodness for your website. My mom is happy to hear that I found interest in Korean food. My little family loves to eat Korean food so I hope to impress them with my new found interest.

  4. Hello gays i love to eat Korinfood i rememer that the Best experience with Korean food was when I prepared my first JabChae using Maangchi's recipe.It was really nice

  5. hello from canada!! just found this website last week, and just joined today. i love it! i've been interested in different asian cuisines' and cultures for most my life, and the last 2 years i've been slowly discovering korea (through various websites) i love the recipes on here and hopefully will make my first batch of kimichi soon!


  6. Hello, Maangchi!^^ I'm a Korean adoptee from Minnesota currently living in Seoul. I was adopted as a baby and didn't start learning about Korea until I was an adult. I've learned how to cook Korean food from your recipes. Thank you so much for all of your work! Your recipes are awesome. Everything I've made from this site tastes just like the food I can get at restaurants here in Seoul. I'm really grateful that I will be able to continue eating delicious Korean food when I return to Minnesota in the future. Thank you! *^O^*

  7. Hi! Found your website when I Googled Bibimbap. I'm so excited about all the Korean dishes I'd learn here. Thanks for sharing your recipes!

  8. Hello Maangchi! Just wanted to say HI and that I LOVE and APPRECIATE all that you do!!! I found your site around half a year ago, but have never officially joined until today. Thank you for helping us explore and enjoy Korean food and culture!


  9. I'm Chinese and I'm currently studying in USA.

    I find American food or Chinese food greasy (except steamed Chinese food, but I don't have kitchenware for steaming). I find Korean food (especially stews) very comforting and simple (I can just make a whole pot and eat for days, not to mention that it tastes better overnight!)

    I really love your videos, not only that it's narrated in English but you keep your recipes authentic as well (like recommending viewers to buy them in Korean grocery stores.) Many Asian cuisines taught online always neglect the authentic ingredients to give convenience and appeal the western audiences. I really love your passion towards food as well!

  10. Hi people,

    My name is Jerome, Dutch and live in The Netherlands. I'm married to a lovely Korean woman who simply adores food!

    Clue is that I do the cooking 7/7 and it mainly is Korean :-)

    I have a whole lot of cookbooks, but this is my favourite one:

    It's my 'Korean Bible' *grin*.

    I'm probably one of the very few or the only Dutch person that has a 3Kg (6,6 lbs) package of chilipaste in the fridge. Also some huge bags of homemade Korean chilipowder... I adore my mom-in-law!

  11. Hello, I am Skajrishma from Clovis, California! I started becoming interested in Korean Food since my sister loves the food and culture. So I decided as a big sister I would learn about the food and have fallen in love with it. I have been following Maangchi's online recipes for 2 years now, though I barely signed up today as a member! I hope to learn more and more about the food and keep on COOKING! Great to be here.

  12. hi maangchi and everyone!

    hope you all doing just great.. ^^ my name's winer chen..
    i'm an architecture student living in indonesia.. currently i'm living away from my parents, i live nearby campus in karawaci.. there's so many korean here in karawaci,, some people even call this town "korea-waci".. haha..
    (maangchi, i cant believe it you visited indonesia before! i saw ur video "maangchi has been tagged!")

    i started to love things bout korea in 2001 when i was in high school.. i was a very big fan of 권보아 the korean singer back then..

    i have a handful of korean friend i met during international design workshop, korean culture seminar, universities friends and churches friends.. that makes me know more about korea, the food and of course the language! (i even tutor a korean-chinese student now.. )

    basically i love cooking,, ussually i just cook something simple since i live with friend,, (nothing fancy.. haha..). i've tried to cook 계란 말이, 비빔밥 , and 김밥 .. me, my friend 엄익승 and some other friends just cooked 비빔밥 and 김밥 last week at his apartment.. haha.. :P actually it's really easy to find ingredients here but i have to cut budgets on food since i print projects and make architectural models a LOT! :P

    i love korean food indeed.. i've tried some numbers of korean food like 김치전, 만두, 떡볶이, 잡채, 오징어채 무침, 짬뽕, 미역국, 김밥, 삼겹살, 삼계탕, 자장면, etc too many to mention.. *___* mostly from korean restaurant and some from the korean family i know.. :)

    thanks for the recipes that u shared with the world.. it's in a good quality and really easy to follow.. :)

    Hope you have a good day! God bless you..
    좋은 하루 보내길 바래. 축복이 가득하길..
    (i need to learn the honorific korean..)

  13. Hello Maangchi!

    Thankyou for the great recipes! I am a chef in Australia and love them, although yet to try any as I am researching how to make red pepper paste. I cant find it anywhere!

    Anyhow I will continue to look and hopefully very soon get to play with your recipes!

    Keep up the great work!


  14. Hi Maangchi,
    I'm from Singapore and happened upon your blog by accident :)
    I've been to Korea thrice and I simply love their dishes. One of my favorite is the dukbokki but with loads of cabbage, half of a hard-boiled egg, and noddles at a Chinese-Korean restaurant (I have no idea what you call it). And the kimchi fried rice.

    I should confess I'm a lazy and bad cook -,.- but I hope to learn simple and delicious dishes here.

  15. Hey everyone! I'm from Atlanta and love all Asian foods but Korean the most by far. The first time I tried Korean food was in 4th grade when the Korean kids brought rice cakes or something like that. At the time I didn't like it...but that is the past! A few years ago a Super-H mart opened near me and having a love for traveling and new foods, I knew I had to try something at the food court! Then I started dating a Korean guy about 2 years ago, and he kept asking me to cook for him so I started to learn to cook traditional Korean dishes. Although the relationship didn't work out, I was hooked and started cooking Korean food regularly. My church small group is mostly Asian with two Koreans and I love going to there house for food! It is so funny, my friends brag to people that I know how to cook real Korean that is a really nice complement coming from Koreans. I am always open to learning, so I am going to start cooking more variety of dishes. Tonight I am trying the red bean soup recipe from here, I am looking forward to it! Sounds great! Anyways, take care and thanks for letting me share!!

  16. Hi Maangchi :)

    I'm Aza from Toronto, Canada and I happened to stumble on your website while I was looking for Korean recipes through a google search. I recently visited Korea 3 months ago and have NEVER forgotten the wonderful experience I had there. I've fallen in love Korea and one of the greatest memories was eating many of the delicious meals that were homemade by my korean friends or in many of the local restaurants.

    Yesterday I found myself feeling "homesick" for Korea and was really craving Korean food, but I wanted to make it at home and that's when I discovered your site. I must say you have the best website out of the others I have searched. I really appreciate your videos. I'm really looking forward to creating many great Korean dishes in my own home. You're doing a great service for so many people. Thank you.


  17. Hello, my name is Tanya. I live in Kent, the mostly sunny Southeast of England. My mother is from Thailand, so if anyone needs some nice recipes, I see what I can do haha. And it was actually my Mum, who introduced me to Korean food. She ordered Bulgogi, and ever since I loved it. But even more so, I love kimchi!
    A friend of mine comes from the Cholla-Namdo region and showed me how to make their style of Baechu kimchi, which is hotter :) Unfortunately though, I am not able to cook kimchi at home, because we only have one fridge, and live in a small flat. No garden to dig kimchi into the ground in autumn/winter, and no space for a 2nd fridge! I miss cooking kimchiiiiiiii!!! Y_Y
    Nonetheless, I very much enjoy watching your video, Maangchi ^^

  18. @Damien_1977

    I believe you want the recipe for Gochujang (고추장).

    Here is some general information about it:

    and here I found a recipe:
    It is very important to use Korean Chilipowder/flakes. I once tried it with Thai Chiliflakes and it just doesn't do the trick.

    Good luck!


  19. I live in California, where my Korean friends say I'm half Korean because I eat kimchi every day. My love of Korean food started more than ten years ago, when a friend from Korea took me on a four-hour tour of three huge Korean supermarkets in Garden Grove, California. We went up and down every single aisle, and she showed me what everything was, including sampling all the side dishes that were for sale. I live in northern California now, and my area has three big Korean supermarkets, too. I learned the Korean alphabet so I could read labels, even though I can't pronounce anything correctly.

    This is the best recipe site on the internet. Maangchi is so much fun to watch, and her videos are completely informative, no detail is left without a complete explanation, simple steps are easy to follow in my own kitchen. My favorite recipes here are the side dishes. It saves so much money to make my own. The mak kimchi recipe is incredibly good. I use the 1-cup of pepper flakes, which is perfect for my tastebuds.

    So, hello everybody! Hello and thank you, Maangchi!

  20. Hello... =]
    I'm Veronica, from Brazil, and I've been studying your receips for a long time! Now I'm trying to get courage to try to make it by myself!
    In my city we don't have a korean restaurant so my only chance is to make it by myself... with your help I hope I can make it!
    I'm also thinking about recording it, and explain in portuguese what are the ingredients and how they can make it!
    I hope you'll aprove that!
    Well I'll really work hard to learn how to cook korean food!
    thanks a lot for your hard work

  21. Nice meeting you here! Welcome, everybody!

  22. Hey everyone,

    My name is Ryan. I live in Connecticut, not too far from NYC. I love Korean food. Maangchi is the best! I have made a bunch of her recipes and so far I've had a 100% success rate. My favorite dishes are: Ojingu bukeum, fresh style kimchi, soondubu, spicy fish cake stir-fry, yubuchobap and many others...

    I was first introduced to Korean food about 10 years ago, on one of my many night out in the city. Many of the Korean restaurants are open 24 hours, so we would all go clubbing and dance till like 3 or 4 in the morning and then we would go to our favorite restaurant (I won't mention it by name, but it's on 32nd street and inside it has a fake mountain , complete with a waterfall and a white baby grand piano on top of the mountain) for some delicious food and soju. The spicy food is so good when you've had a couple of drinks, hehe :P Anyway, this is still my ritual to this day whenever I go out clubbing.

    Thanks again for sharing all of your knowledge with us Maangchi!

    ryan :)

  23. Haha, I think I introduced myself inadvertently on one of your blog posts. xD I'll do it the right way, now.

    My father is from Korea and most of my memories of him and of his birth mother revolve around good Korean food. I remember visiting my dad when I was young and he'd make all kinds of fusion Korean dishes and I loved the change from my mother's western-style cuisine (I love that, too, but I love spicier foods unlike much of my family). I especially remember kimchi. We would eat it with everything (sometimes in everything, as was the case with his ramen).

    When I met my Korean grandmother for the first time, I got to sample traditional, homemade fare (I've had Korean food in restaurants, but there is something different when it's made at home, by people you love). Everyone in my family, including my dad, begs my grandmother for her recipes, but she guards them well, even banning us from being in the kitchen while she's cooking. She shared her bulgogi recipe with me (well, sort of... I had to piece together what she quickly assembled in the bowl), but this site is a newfound treasure as I'd like to prepare all the other delicious dishes I'd sampled, plus new ones!

  24. Hi,

    My name is Nikki. I am so excited that I ran across this site! My fiance and I LOVE to cook different foods and we have never cooked Korean dishes before. I went through some of the recipes posted already and everything is so detailed it makes it look so easy. Thank you for sharing this with the world, it is truly amazing!

  25. Damien_1977, did you ever find a recipe for red pepper paste?

  26. 안영!!~
    My mom introduced me to your youtube page 3 years ago with my little sister and when she was alive she tried out your recipes and loved it!. She passed recently last Mother's Day of breast cancer but watching your videos helps me reminisce about my 어머니 <3.

    **in a way you guys are alike =] hehe.

    she loved to cook and i joined just to get more of your recipes so i can try it some day soon for my boyfriend and i. we enjoy eating korean food.
    I got him to eat kimbap and he loves it. So we buy it all the time when we go eat at a korean restaurant. =[ sadly we're too busy to cook because we're in college but i want to surprise him one day.
    Every time i watch your videos it makes my mouth water. Luckily in minneapolis theres lots of places where i can buy korean ingredients.
    hopefuly you do a fanmeeting here in minnesota someday!~
    it would be nice!!! i would definitely come and visit you.
    Keep the videos coming its what i look forward to when i get on youtube =]. i check regularly since you posted your first video but just started to join the whole fanclub =].

    <3 from a loyal fan,

  27. Hi Maangchi!

    I've been watching your videos and cooking with your recipes for months, and finally decided I should join to post pictures of the food that you have helped me make. Cooking Korean food is something that makes me really happy. I love to see all my jars of kimchi in the fridge and make different doshirak to take in to work.

    I was born in Seoul but moved to NY when I was five, too young to really know how to cook (although there are memories of me helping make rice cakes and cleaning radishes with my aunt). My mother doesn't really cook at all and it's disappointing how very few websites there are with a cache of Korean recipes, especially with videos or step-by-step tutorials. How happy I was to find your website!

    I love the community you have created here. Thank you for all your recipes and all your videos!

    - Jen

  28. Hi Maangchi!

    I've been watching your videos and cooking with your recipes for months, and finally decided I should join to post pictures of the food that you have helped me make. Cooking Korean food is something that makes me really happy. I love to see all my jars of kimchi in the fridge and make different doshirak to take in to work.

    I was born in Seoul but moved to NY when I was five, too young to really know how to cook (although there are memories of me helping make rice cakes and cleaning radishes with my aunt). My mother doesn't really cook at all and it's disappointing how very few websites there are with a cache of Korean recipes, especially with videos or step-by-step tutorials. How happy I was to find your website!

    I love the community you have created here. Thank you for all your recipes and all your videos!

    - Jen

  29. sorry!!!~
    i just realized you did go to the passport in korea!!!
    i was there but i think i missed you =[ so sad!!
    i hope you come and visit again in minneapolis...

    or Visit des moines, iowa as well =]

  30. Hello I am Koreafan16 and i am 16. I was first introduced to Korean food though k dramas and I loved to cook new things so I decided to try kimchi since I saw it in so many movies but I did not find the right ingredients but I found your emergency kimchi and made it, my family loves it!!

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