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  3. Hi Maangchi, I am Maggie. I live in Hong Kong but I am a Vietnamese. My father is an American and my mother is a Vietnamese. My mother is good at Vietnamese cooking and she loves cook very much. I can enjoy different meals almost every day! I love your adorable smile so much! I can know that you are very proud of your country and your cooking through the videos!:) Maangchi, cảm ơn cô quá! <-It means 'Thank you so much! :P

  4. Hello Maangchi,

    My name is Alain from France.
    I loooove your site! Great to see nice recipes and nice pictures!

    Hope to see more,

    Ps: I just created my first Franco-Korean dish: the Korean Sandwichi.
    Please check the cooking method right here:

  5. 안녀하세요! 저는 하나 입니다. 만나서 반갑습니다.

    I have been working at Korean company for 5 years. So i was eatten a lot of Korean food at Korean restaurant with my Boss and customer. The first time i ate Korean food, i looked at them and i thought it could be very spicy. I don't like spicy food. But when i tasted it, it was not too spicy as i thought. I loved Korean food until now.

    I think i am a greedy girl. when i could eat Korean food, it was the time i hoped i could cook Korean food. I studied Korean cooking from Achumma, who cook Korean meal for my Boss. But i studied a little because i hadn't enough time to study cooking before.

    Now i got your website, I love the website very much, i think i can follow your recipe and i can cook well even i am not good cook. But i love cooking and i think i can do it. Do you think?

    Anyway I just want to say to Maangchi "Thanks you" again.

  6. Hello! I am DubDiva, a 27 year old woman living in beautiful Redding, CA. I found one of your recipes on YouTube, and I was hooked! You made it all look so doable and easy that I couldn't wait to give Korean cooking a try. :)

    I feel like your videos teach viewers how to be more proficient in the kitchen, not just in regards to Korean cooking but with cooking in general. Thanks so much for sharing your love of cooking with us!

  7. Hi Maangchi! My name is Lora, I am a FilAm, who loves korean food, I grew up in Ohio, where my Mom's BFF is Korean, her eldest was a really good friend of mine also. We shared the same bday and went to the same High school. Every afternoon I would go to their apt and mama chang would cook me and mom some awesome korean food. My father also had alot of korean friends since he worked for a british/korean company as an engineer. He learned to make kimchi and other korean delicacies and would sometimes cook it for us. My love for korean food started from my family and friends and I also started to cook it. We usually have theme nights for dinner where I cook different dishes for friends and family. it is always a hit when I make korean food, and I'm so glad that you post awesome recipes here. looking forward to more recipes to try. Kamsahamnida

  8. Hii Maangchi!
    My name is Gizem but everyone calls me Gee.
    I'm turkish,living in the main capital of Belgium,Brussels.
    I LOVE cooking and korean food and since there aren't a lot of korean restaurants here I decided to start cooking korean for myself and friends.
    I just started living alone so that just makes everything more exciting.
    Because of you everyone compliments my cooking!

    My biggest challenge is making kimchi. I haven't made it before so I hope very soon with your kimchi posts i'll be able to make great kimchi instead of buying them!

    Thanx for all the great recipes!

  9. HI Maangchi,

    I love your recipes and have been a youtube subscriber for a little while now. My husband and I live in the DC area and we have for the first time in our lives tried Korean food and it is to die for! There is a Korean BBQ that we love to go to that is open until 3am! After going to the restaurant several times i decided to cook it myself. So last night I made a FEAST for my family because the best part about Korean BBQ are all the side options! So I made are you ready for this...
    -Bulgogi on a grill pan on my outdoor grill
    -Kimchi without the squid because I couldn't find it fresh
    -Perilla leaf Kimchi I just used some of the paste from the regular kimchi before I added the napa
    -Perilla leaf pickled I used a Korean Pear instead of the apple
    -Suklunamal the mung bean side dish is my sons favorite
    -Ssam Jaang the Dipping sauce which was actually my first time trying it, i never tried it in the restaurant even and it was so good!
    -Fresh lettuce Leaves

    Took me 3 1/2 hours to make everything! The meat I marinated over night!

    Needless to say we will be having leftovers for dinner and I can't wait! My husband LOVED the food and I told him all about you and where the recipes came from over dinner while stuffing ourselves on a Thanksgiving size dinner. He is the reason I am leaving a post, he wanted me to tell you thank you!

    So Thank you so much sweetie! And keep doing what your doing because you make the world a tastier place one recipe at a time!


  10. hi , friends
    i`m farzane ...from Iran.
    i have not had the chance of trying korean foods (i make ramen alot!)... i`m not good at cooking! :(
    but i love to know more about korean food and how to make them... so i come here
    i`ve been reading the replies to this post for a while so
    it is nice to meet u all...

  11. Hi, my name is Daniela (my korean grandma named me HyeYeon), I'm from Argentina, but my mom is italian and my dad is korean. Strange couple, ah? ^^ I really love Korean food, and love to eat like koreans do. We also love watching korean sageuk dramas with my sister. I LOVE MAANGCHI.COM because it helps me to learn more and more about my father's culture. THANKS A LOT Maangchi^^
    P.S. (sorry if my English is not that good...)

  12. hi All,
    u can know me as wawa :)
    i'm from Malaysia....i just new commer at Korean zone because i'm so busy with my study n working....still find some strange to cook Korean food.....but Maangchi, thanks lot for the recipe and video....even i still not start cook Korean food but i really enjoy watch ur video.. 1 day 1 watch ur video few times even i already watch it....i send u my Korean food photo once i make it okays :)
    nice meet u maangchi...kamsahamnida

  13. wawa, nice meeting you! Welcome!

  14. Buenos Dias! I'm from Long Beach, california and I live in nearby Artesia.
    Artesia is like a cultural melting pot from Asia and South Pacific... I love all the smells that come from the different places around my house.

    A good memory I have with Korean food is at a Korean barbecue place we went to one time for my birthday. Three circles of friends in my life got together and mingled. My family, my friends from school and friends from work (including my boss, heeey)

    Many had never tried Korean food before and at the time, neither had I. I was thrilled with all the smells going on; I love to try new things.

    I fell absolutely in love with bulgogi and pumpkin porridge. Those are the two foods I remember the most. Now I'll have to go back and see what's what and tase them all... Yum!

    I'm also a dude who's on the weight loss track, so that's different' I've never been so glad to see vegetables in my life before, haha. Maangchi's Vegetable soups are delicious! So is Bulgogi Jungol (sp?)

    I love classic video games and fine arts.

  15. Hello Everyone,

    My Name Is Bruce I live in Philadelphia Pa. I have always loved Asian culture, food, history. and now I am learning the Korean Language. I am hooked on Korean food and Daily dramas. I love Maanch's recipes . I have all three of her cookbooks, I have seen her cooking show, I sspent many years study Jpanese and Chinese languages and cultures, I like Korean the best so far. I have abrother who likes In Jakarta Indonesia, so i have spices and recipes from all over southern Asian, and India, I find i prefer real Korean food many times over fiusian American-Korean food, I hope to one day soon travel to South Korea, :-) thanks to you I will already be very familiar with the foods found there.
    (Please forgive any typing errors, I am not used to blogging yet)

    Thank You,

  16. Hello! My name is Sage and I love to cook and eat. Especially Korean food! Maangchi is the only person i will go to for Korean recipes. I actually review and give healthy alternatives to recipes i find online and cook at home. It's on my blog, so stop bye anytime you like! (I don't want to be rude and post my blog so you go to my profile to find it). I recently made gogumabap and it was delish! Here's a picture:


    1. endproduct_sagedandconfused.jpg (947.2 KB, 404 downloads) 1 year old
  17. Ooh, i forgot to mention! I am also working hard to learn korean trhough free online services. So far i think it's working out. And i also love k-dramas i watch one almost everyday, two on a good day. :) This is my first time responding to one of these, so i apologize ahead of time if i am doing this wrong.-- Sage ;)

  18. Hi Maangchi!

    My name is Jaime and I'm from Chicago. I stumbled upon your site when I was looking for a kimchi recipe. When I was younger, I watched a lot of Korean dramas and fell in love with the culture. I eventually tried and fell in love kimchi soon after that. I read many Korean recipes from books and some online and made some simple recipes (pajeon, bulgoggi, and kalbi) before stumbling upon your site. I've eaten at many Korean restaurants in Chicago (mainly BBQ, and my favorite is chadolbaegi). However, it wasn't until recently that I wanted to make homemade kimchi.

    That's when I stumbled upon your website and youtube page! I'm so glad because your delicious recipes are so easy to follow ^_^ So far, I've made chonggak kimchi, kkakdugi, mak kimchi, and baechu kimchi. The hardest kimchi for me to make is baechu kimchi in the traditional long form and second to that is the mak kimchi even though it's the easy version! For some reason, my kimchi keep turning out dry, so I'm experimenting with different ingredients and napa cabbage from different grocery stores to get a very flavorful and juicy kimchi. Thankfully, there are many Korean and Asian grocery stores in the Chicagoland area with fresh ingredients. Hopefully I will get it right one of these days..Fighting! ^_~

    Thank you, Maangchi for your videos and recipes on Korean cooking. They inspire all Korean food-lovers to make yummy Korean food!

    Happy Cooking,

  19. Hello from Wisconsin, Maangchi!

    I was introduced to Korean food while stationed there with the U.S. military long ago. I love Korea: the food, the people, everything.

    I only today came across your website and I was thrilled. I've tried with cookbooks to replicate some of the traditional dishes but your recipes and techniques are so much better explained. Thank you!


  20. Hello Maangchi!

    My name is Rachel. I recently moved from Washington st. to Pennsylvania. I had a friend who worked in Korea for three years. He always talked about the amazing food there. I now live in a very small town that does not even have a post office. So there isn't much to do around here. So in order to keep myself from becoming bored, I bought books about learning Korean, I watch Korean dramas so that I can hear the words be pronounced, and I also recently started cooking with you're recipes. It is a lot of fun! Thank you so much for sharing with us these amazing recipes!

  21. "Annyeonghaseyo!" I will be moving to South Korea to teach English in August, so I'm trying to get a head start on learning to cook for myself with Korean ingredients. I read your beginner's guide and it was very helpful in learning the staple ingredients in a lot of Korean food. Do you have any suggestions on recipes to start with? I do like to cook and try new foods, but I'm not one to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I'm looking for easy recipes that yield a lot of leftovers that would be good to pack for lunches. I'm excited to read and learn more from Maangchi!

  22. Hello from Merced California,

    My name is Elia and I got into Korean food through Korean Dramas. The only bad thing is that where I live can't get Korean food we have to travel a good distance to the bay area where my friends live to get her halmoni's food which is soo good. So I want to start by trying a few recipes then make one dish or side dish and take it to halmoni to see if I get her aproval in cooking :).

  23. Hello I am Erica Hill.

  24. Annyeonghaseyo Maangchi,

    My name is Patricia and I am 25 years old. I live in California with my half Korean husband. My husband has always loved Korean food because he grew up with it. I remember my mother cooking bulgogi and trying to make kimchi when I was younger,. She is German but loves to cook different dishes from different cultures. Well anyways, I googled how to cook Korean recipes and was directed to your site :) ever since I joined I have made various dishes like cucumber kimchi, kimchi, radish kimchi, bulgogi, ttukpokke, bimbimguksu, jjajangmyeon, dakbokkeumtang, kimchi fried rice and Kim bap. My husband LOVES your recipes!! He is the happiest man when I cook him Korean food. Tonight I am making dakbokkeumtang and ttukpokke! Thank you sooooo much!

  25. Hello, my name is Carolyn, and I didn't know much about Korean food or culture until I met my boyfriend in college. He is Korean and he makes really good food and has introduced me to so many things about Korean culture. I went to Korea a little while ago to meet his family, which was a lot of fun. The food was really delicious. We had 떡갈비 in 춘천 and it was 대박! Thank you Maangchi for teaching me how to make delicious food for my boyfriend, like he makes delicious food for me. Today I'm going to make your 짜장밥. (I hope my Korean spelling is ok! ^^)

  26. Hi Maangchi,
    I am Vicky and I´m from Logroño, La Rioja, Spain.
    I have been following your web long time ago, and I´ve made some of your fantastic recipes. I love korean food. I´ve known this kind of food because my partner is korean.
    Nowadays, I prepare my own kimchi and I always try to learn new recipes. Sometimes I learn of my partner (he cooks very well) and also of theirs sisters in law.
    I´ve decided to write you because I don´t know what happen with the web. It doesn´t work well, at least in Spain. The format have changed. It´s a pity , before it was better.
    Any way, I want to give you my congratulations for the web, it is very interesting , complete and clear.
    Sorry for my English, but it's my hanging subjetc. :-))
    Regards, Vicky

  27. Greetings from Maangchi has been my resource for Korean cooking for the past few years. Her recipes are so quick and easy (not to mention tasty). I first came across Maangchi a few years ago while googling a certain dish (don’t remember what it was). I watched her video on youtube. And the next time I googled another Korean recipe, there she was again. And her site kept popping up for almost every Korean dish I googled. After watching several videos of hers on youtube, she became a familiar face…almost like a friendly neighbor. I’d love to have her as a neighbor. She’d always have yummy cooking going on in her home lol.

    I am Korean American, so I grew up eating Korean food. Cooking varies with taste, so when I follow one of her many delicious recipes, I tend to tweak things here and there to adjust it to my palate. Spiciness is one of the tastes I tend to alter. I have a slightly higher capsaicin tolerance than the average person, so often times, my dishes tends to be a little bit on the spicier side.

    When I was growing up, my grandmother and housekeeper(s) made all the meals at home. I did how to cook (PERIOD) until I was in my early 20s (over ten years ago). In my early adult life, my mom started to cook in the home. She never cooked while I was growing. And I hated her cooking (with the exception of a couple of things). She did teach me some things (that has been drastically altered over the years by me) when I was first learning how to cook. But I was not happy with the results. Her food was just so disgusting. So I always went out to eat or ordered things to go. I started to miss home-cooked meals, especially home-cooked Korean meals.

    I realized that I could not be eating out/ordering food all the time (home-cooking is healthier and easier on the wallet). I decided it was time for me to learn how to cook. Little by little, I started researching for recipes and learning how to make various dishes. And gradually, my cooking started becoming edible. Years later, I went on to culinary school (at first, it was to pursue a hobby but it evolved into a career change later on) and learned how to cook professionally, so needless to say, my cooking has come a long way since the days of not even knowing how to make rice.

    When I first found Maangchi, it was around the same time I was learning how to cook professionally. So while learning the traditional French cooking techniques in school while making the Coq au Vins and Boeuf Bourguignons , at home, I was watching Maangchi videos and cooking the Jjigaes, different banchans, etc. It was a time of absorbing as much info as I possibly could on cooking…of how and why things happen the way they do in cooking (the science aspect of cooking), and applying that knowledge to making food taste better.

  28. Hello! I'm Aiko. I live in Bandung Indonesia. My interest in Korean food began when I started watching Korean drama a year ago. Everything they eat looks delicious!

    One day I was searching for ddeokkbukki recipe and came across Maangchi's channel. I've tried several recipes already and it all turned out great.

    Korean food used to be very expensive and served only in exclusive restaurants here where I live. That's why I'm so lucky to be able to cook my own Korean food. And although now Korean food is more accessible and affordable, I'd prefer my own adventurous cooking (because I'm really just a beginner :D)

    Anyways, I'm so thankful to Maangchi for sharing recipes and every bit of her knowledge in Korean cooking and culture with me..ahem..I mean with us. Thanks Maangchi!

  29. Hello (^.-) I'm Lilli from Germany. My obsession with Korean food started 2 1/2 years ago, when I visited a friend of me in Seoul... She was there because of her studies and since I'm a huge Asian fan since uhhhh ever? ^^ Well 2 weeks there and I fell in love with Korean food... But I still hesitated to cook it myself... >.< when I visited my aunt in Heidelberg (one of the beautiest city's in Germany) we went to an Korean restaurant there. After eating the traditional food again I gained more confidence to try it out myself... XDD Well now each Saturday or Sunday I'm trying out a new recipe XDD and a lot of these recipes are from these HP. So I have to thank you~~~~~ a lot (^.^)

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