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  1. Hi everyone. I've been following Maangchi's videos for the past couple of years, and finally signed in here on the site recently. I'm here because Maangchi is awesome!!! I grew up eating lots of amazing homemade Korean food, but was never really shown how to make it (or maybe I was just too lazy to pay attention!). Anyhow, with Maangchi's help, I have been doing things in the kitchen that I could have only dreamed of before. These days the main Asian chefs of the family (my mom and my auntie) are too busy to teach, so I am extremely grateful to Maangchi for the pleasant (and often amusing) tutorials. I'm so happy to be able to recreate the flavors and textures that I regularly enjoyed (and nearly took for granted) as a child. Lots of xoxo's from Los Angeles, CA!! I heart u, Maangchi! I can cook for real, now! Thank you so much!!

  2. Hello! I'm a Filipina, wife to a Korean, mom to a 5 month old little boy, and owner of a small Korean grocery store. My husband is a great cook but he refused to teach me how to cook korean food (hmmm... I wonder why? heheh). I started watching Maangchi's videos when my husband got busy planning and opening the store.
    Maangchi doesn't just taught me how to cook. I was also able to tell our costumers (non-koreans) how to use our products (or atleast give them ideas). I'm definetely sharing your site to my customers and friends!!!

  3. Hi,
    I'm a European transplant in Texas, with a Texan other half. I love Korean food.
    It simply has been always happy food to me, and I always imagined it'd be difficult to cook (because of the awesome flavors), and wondered how some dishes are made... and now I found how to make a bunch of them. Awesome. I'll try many more. Yesterday I started with the tuna pancakes (I replaced wheatflour with flaxmeal), and they were a huge success. Oh, and kimchi rice...

  4. Hi ♥

    I'm Indonesian (but chinese) F/23yo, I love korean food so much because it is healthy!! And from what I saw in korean movie, those food looks yummy! But because I'm vegetarian (non onions&meats), it is so hard for me to find Vegetarian korean food in my country so I felt very sad since those korean food looks so awesome and amazing. But all different now!! Thanks so much to Maangchi♥ for giving tons of pleasant tutorials and advises, I can make my own vegetarian korean food at home. Just simply change some ingredients to vegan then will be ok (since I don't know the original korean food taste, because I never taste them before).

    I have succeed with the Kimchi, Rice cake, Ddeokbokki, and now I'm trying to do Jjajjangmyeon. I will change the pork belly into some vegan fake meat :)

    Once a again, thanks Maangchi. And all readers! I hope you all can help me figure out some ingredients that could change to vegetarian in future.

    With Love,

    Erfhina ♥


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  5. Maangchi,


    I'm Tony from Mindanao, the Philippine Island down south. I'm so glad to have found your you tube channel and couldn't just like it so also subscribed to it. My wife is a fond of Korean drama and movies and had been trying on Korean food like the noodles and kimchi from the Korean stores we find here. And lately, I tried cooking one of your recipes the Deonjang Chigae.for a start. Looking forward to try all your recipes following your videos.


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  6. You made mouthwatering doenjangjjigae.
    That's real Korean countryside style doenjangjjigae!

  7. Hi everyone, hi Maangchi!
    I'm Emma from Sweden.
    I am a Koreaboo since many years,
    I love the korean language and I am learning it as a hobby.
    also love to cook yummy foods for my family ^^

    A few years ago I bought a korean vegetarian cookbook but I find it very boring to cook from since it has literally no pictures except from the front page, so I don't know what the food is supposed to look like :(
    I was very happy to find your youtube channel, I think you're a great cooking show host and I wish more people were like that ^^
    I've cooked many of your recipes but if they include meat I adapt them a little as I don't eat meat or eggs.

    Just yesterday I made some kimchi :3 hope that my family will enjoy it with me.

    Keep up the awesome work!
    Maangchi hwaiting!

  8. Hello fellow Korean Foodies! & Maangchi of course.

    Im Ben from London in the UK. After visiting Korea a year ago im completely hooked to korean cuisine!
    I love your videos Maangchi, a lot of cooking tutorials on youtube are very monotone and unexciting, but you always leave me rushing to my local Korean store to get ingredients and cook!

    Looking forward to speaking with you all and sharing cooking tips!

    Peace out,

  9. the very first time i am 19 years old when first time i make taktoritang and my family really like my recipe i am from pakistan our food is very different from koreans we use many spices and curry same like indian... but i love korea and many time i visit seoul my uncle own a resturant in seoul and i want to learn korean cooking

  10. Hello! My name is Jennifer Dalton. I was a chef, but now I am a house wife.
    I am half Korean and half Colombian. I was born and raised in Flushing NY.
    My grandma raised me ( she is full Korean) My grandma inspired me to keep our culture alive as a tradition. I was only fed Korean food as a child. Now that I am grown, I got married and moved to PA... Not Philly... I'm in the mountains lol. So finding anything close to Asian=Chinese So I am determined to raise my son who is Korean/Colombian/Irish our proud Korean culture. Ingredients are hard to find where I am, so I make a trip to NY once a month to visit my family and my favorite supermarket H Mart!

    I want to thank you Maangchi. You make it possible to keep Korean culture alive in my family. Thank you! ^^

  11. Hello, my name is Cody Kayser and I work at a care center specializing in the care of traumatically brain injured adults; I run the Activities department there. I grew up and have lived my whole life, so far, in Eugene Oregon in the US and I was lucky to have stumbled upon Korean food at the early age of 7 when I met my best friend Stephanie and her mother Hyon Suk. Her mother was born in Korea and worked in a Korean restaurant locally called Hana's, which unfortunately is closed now. Once I tried her homemade Kimchi, I was hooked. She may have worked in a restaurant, but I admired the simple dishes that she made at home for me; these dishes became the dishes of my childhood. Some of my favorite Korean dishes are: Kalbi, Doenjang Jjigae and Kimchi Jjigae. I have been making my own Kimchi now and have been trying out Maangchi's recipes with delight as I delve even deeper into the world of Korean food and food culture! I thank my Korean family for letting me be a part of their lives and thank them for being such a wonderful part of mine!

  12. Annyeonghaseyo! I'm still learning my native language (very slowly). English was my second language and grew to become my first. I was adopted by an American family and am a Seoul transplant who now lives in the NE part of the US. Long story short, I am 33 now, happily married, learning my own roots for the first time in earnest. I was not allowed to as a child. I have recently taken up Korean cooking and my Scottish hubby has fallen in love with Korean food! I am happy about that as I am learning a lot from your videos Maangchi! Thanks for doing all you do in producing your cooking videos! Sorry for the long winded post. Just wanted to say annyeonghaseyo to everyone. I didn't realize there was a forum I could join here and gladly joined!

  13. Though I do have one question. How do I upload a photo for my avatar?? lol I can't seem to find the option to add one, thanks in advance!

  14. 안녕하세요 WinglessAngel,

    Here is a post that describes how to add an avatar:

    I have to admit that I haven't tried it myself yet.

    You mentioned that you are learning the Korean language. How are you doing with learning Korean? May I ask what methods you are using? Although I am not Korean, I am also learning 한국어. I am learning through a variety of means including books, websites and I'm taking an online course that even includes live practice with a teacher in Korea.

    Good luck!

  15. Thanks for the welcome Dave. I am picking it up via translating online here and there and from watching movies lol! I plan to pick up a korean/english dictionary as learning it any other way seems to be beyond my already nerdy brain to accomplish unfortunately. But I am learning it slowly. Unfortunately for me there are no other Korean's living in my area for many miles around sadly. I have no one to speak it to other than my Scot hubby who can't speak the words lol But that makes us even, I can't speak many of the words he can in Celtic either ;) If there were a Korean Buddhist temple around I would ask about there but there isn't one for many many hours from me, Korean or otherwise.

    Thank you for the link. I didn't trust that site and thought it was a goof up on the link for the avatars so no worries. I'll go without one lol. I don't fancy having to rebuild my home office computer system.

  16. Hmm, it appears I can't find how to get an email notification either for subscribed threads lol. So sorry for the late reply. You can find me faster via my website to chat though. I'll try to be more diligent in checking for replies from now on (oops) lol

  17. Hi Elsie,

    I checked out your FB page and business website. One of my wife's good friend is an avid cross-stitcher/needlepointer and beadworker. Some of her beadwork is pretty incredible. I will see about forwarding your website to her.

    아~. 나중 우편은, 괜찮아요. (very rough translation...Ah~~as for late worries)! ^^ Note: Google translate won't give you that, but it's not as good at conversational Korean and I'm also not that good either.

    Regarding email notifications for specific posts...try this:

    1) Log in as if to make a post

    2) Go to your profile page (for example mine is

    Notice that it will say: "You can also manage your favorites and subscribe to your favorites’ RSS feed".

    3) Click on the link "manage your favorites". It will bring up a page that contains a list of any post that you marked as a favorite. You can also remove posts from your list by using the delete button in the last column in the list.

    Notice that it will say: "Your Favorites allow you to create a custom RSS feed which pulls recent replies to the topics you specify. To add topics to your list of favorites, just click the "Add to Favorites" link found on that topic’s page.
    Subscribe to your favorites’ RSS feed".

    4) Click on the "RSS feed" link to get email notification when any post you added to your favorites list is updated.

    Like with the Avatar thingy I haven't tried this yet on the computer...I mostly post with my phone and it didn't seem to work there. Oddly enough it's easier to write 한글 using my phone (at least till I get some stickers for my computer's keyboard).

    Anyhow, I hope this helps!

  18. Ahh yes that does! I'll try that now lol. Thanks so much and if you have a fb page you're welcome to friend me. If you send me a message on the business page I'll send you a friend request. Just let me know it's you from here in the forum. Thanks so much for the help x

  19. hi everyone, hi maangchi

    i'm indonesian my family love korean food and i just learn how to cook korean food. when i saw your video i was so interesting. it makes me so excited to try the recipes although i couldn't get some of the ingredients. however i want to say thankyou verymuch for share your cooking video. i have made kimchi and.. yummyy... my mom liked it so much, she was vegetarian, so now i can make vegetarian korean food for her, :D

  20. Hi! I'm Kate, an American who loves food. I found out about Maangchi a few years ago when I saw her bibimbap video. This was so useful to me because I have a very large garden where we grow as much food as we can, and also we keep a few hens for eggs. Bibimbap solved a problem I have at certain times of the year, when we have 6 snow peas, one little zucchini, 2 stalks of asparagus, a handful of spinach, and maybe a small carrot. It's hard to build a meal out of tiny amounts of different ingredients. Unless you know how to make bibimbap. Since we always have fresh eggs, bibimbap has become one of our favorite meals. During the growing season, from May through November, we probably eat bibimbap at least twice a week. It helps us keep up with the garden produce so that nothing goes to waste.

    Only lately have I taken the time to look at a lot more of your videos, Maangchi. There is so much to discover here, and I really look forward to learning more and more about Korean food. I'm a little obsessed with kimchi right now, but I think I'll find other things to obsess about in your videos.

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