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  1. Yuganae, i requested for the video but seems like i've got it wrong...
    Yuganae seems like the name of the shop not the food...T.T

    what i actually want to request is for our dearest Maangchi to make a video on how to make Cheesy Rice...i dont know what is its korean name..but if you open the link i think you will get the idea what i meant...T.T

    here are some of the photos we took back then, i wonder if u'll get the idea what iwas talking about T.T it was so delicious it appears in my dream..;D


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  2. Thank you for posting the photo of the dish and your own photo here! haha, Yuganae(유가네) is the name of the restaurant. Yuganae means "Yu family". Yu (pronounced as "you") is a Korean last name.
    Anyway the food looks like fusion style Korean stir-fried rice. Check out my kimchibokkeumbap recipe. You will figure out how to imitate the food. Stir fry rice with chopped kimchi and add lots of mozzarella cheese on top.

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