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“Yukhe (sp?) Korean Raw Beef”

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  1. Maangchi, I love your site and have already gone through several dozen of your videos. I am hooked. Anyway, one of my favorite Korean dishes is Yuhke, or Korean Steak Tartare. I used to find it alot, but it has become increasingly difficult to find in restaurants and I would like to learn to make it myself. Do you have a good recipe?

  2. For making Yukhoe you should buy meat from a very trusted source. If you buy from a trusted source you can just cut up the meat. If your not 100% sure then you could sear the outside at a high temp then cut off the seared part.

    To make this Yukhoe I used tenderloin, black pepper, salt, sesame oil, sesame seeds a touch of chili oil, elephant ear garlic, green onion, egg and asian pear. It is sitting on Korean perilla leaves.


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  3. My yukhoe recipe is on now! Thank you for your patience!

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