Yay! I’m a winner of the competition!

By Maangchi

As I mentioned through my twitter a while ago, I am the one of the winners of the “Blog Korea, visit Korea” competition. The prize LG netbook (LGX12) arrived at home a few days ago.

iphone and netbook

The cute and small computer was packed tightly enough to be unbreakable even if it were dropped from a few meters high.

Now I have 3 computers: my desktop, laptop, netbook, and 1 iphone!

I don’t think I can find any excuse for not reading my emails unless I try really hard.

Oh, besides the netbook, they sent me other presents: sun shade for a car, a frisbee , travel neck pillow, and picnic mat.

I am already excited about my next trip with this cute netbook and the neck pillow!


my notebook

Sometimes people ask me what I use to make this website. These days I use that Dell laptop for all of it, even video editing. It’s A Dell Studio with a “seaweed” skin by Mike Ming.

When I first started making cooking videos, I used the video function of a Sony DCS-50 digital camera for filming, and Premiere Elements to edit. A year ago I got a Panasonic SDR-57 camera as a gift, and I learned how to use Premiere Pro for editing. Just last week I got a new camera, a Canon Vixia HF11. So my next video will look great!


  1. i recently found your website and i started cooking and trying your recipes. thank you very much! it is so simple and easy. i love the side dish . keep up the good work! i hope to see more korean recipes next time i open your web site. again congrats!!!

  2. I just found your website today! I have been teaching myself how to make the Korean food I fell in love with in Seoul, your videos and recipes are going to be very helpful to me!

    Congratulations on your win and please keep this up!

  3. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    You can now say: “welcome to my award winning website” !

  4. Congrats for your new laptop and winning the competition. You are a 자랑스러운 role model for globalization of Korean food! YOU ROCK!!

    Hopefully your next videos will be in HD resolution on Youtube?? :D I’d love to see Maangchi in HD!! LOL ~

  5. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,047 comments

    Thank you for all your nice comments and support!!

  6. How do you like your netbook Maangchi? I like the idea of them but they screen might be too small. Korean windows looks interesting.

  7. I hope we can start seeing HD video. HD makes cooking look so much better. The netbook looks nice.

  8. wow! contrats Mangchi! Have fun with it:)

  9. Congrads to you!!!

  10. Congratulations, Maangchi unnie! You deserve it! Have fun with your new gadgets! ^^

  11. Congratualtions Maangchi! You really deserve it!

  12. Wow, congradulations!

  13. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    Congratz!!!!! You deserve it!

  14. tina sappington& has 3 comments


  15. Chelsie Ahn& has 3 comments

    Congrats Maangchi ! ! You are SO lucky.. Keep up with the videos.

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