Bo Sueyoshi

Here is my interview with Bo and the photos of her family including her 4 cute dogs and Korean dishes that she made! She is a funny and warm hearted person. She introduces her 4 dogs as her “four legged babies” and even makes cookies for her dogs! You will see her famous kimchijeon photo that won the Korean food photocontest a while ago. Her grandmother’s story is another fascinating story.

Reading her story makes me interested in visiting Hawaii and exploring the history of Korean immigrants there. There are probably some interesting stories and dishes behind it, like I learned about the Korean community in Uzbekistan. It’s possible that LA Galbi actually originates from Hawaii.

1. What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Bo Sueyoshi. We live on Oahu, in the state of Hawaii (born and raised.) I’m half Korean and half Caucasian. My halmeoni (grand mother) was an authentic picture bride! She came all the way from Korea to Hawaii to marry my grandfather. My halabuji was one of the first immigrants to Hawaii in the early 1900s. I’m probably spelling the titles wrong but that’s what I called them when I was a child.

2. What do you do and how many family members do you have?
I retired early in 2005, after 32 years in the telecommunications industry. I spend my days taking care of the household, taking care of my dogs, volunteering for my church and growing as many vegetables as I can. I’m trying to be a little more self-sustainable.

I’m married to the most wonderful husband in the world! I have a daughter and son and a step-daughter and step-son. My four kids are great! Did I say four? I mean eight! I forgot to include my four legged babies. I have Coco, an 11 year old Chihuahua/Terrier, Chiisai, a 9 year old long hair Chihuahua, and two 5 year old Maltese. Sophie is my retirement gift to myself and Mimi is a foster turned family member.

My interest in cooking is fairly recent. While I was still working, I rarely cooked. I was very fortunate that my husband was willing to cook. Of course I did the other household chores. But when I retired, I had to be “housewife” and that included putting food on the table! I vowed not to buy take-out food but to try to cook nutritious meals. My dear Korean friends, Yumi and Cassie turned me on to my Korean heritage. I started getting interested in cooking Korean but had no idea how. I wanted to learn how to make kimchi. So one day I went to their house and their mom tried to teach me. So much fun! But! She made enough kimchi to feed the Korean army! I had no idea how to scale it down for my personal use. I went online and was blessed to find It was truly like “opening the door” for me to the joy of cooking Korean!

3. How often do you cook Korean food following my recipes?
I cook Korean approximately 2-3 times per week. My family has gotten used to waiting for my “photo shoot” before they can eat!

4. What are your favorite Korean dishes? Choose 3, please!
What are my favorite Korean dishes? How can I limit it to three? I love them all! But I will limit it to three Kimchi… this is the recipe that started it all! Sooo much better than store bought!

Kimchijeon, or kimchi pancake (my personal favorite.) It’s so crunchy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside.
Cheongpomuk muchim or “muk” I always try to order in the Korean restaurants but they very seldom have it available. Now I can make it myself!


kimchijeon (kimchi pancake)

cheongpomuk (mungbean jelly)

5. What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on when you make it?
My most popular dish would be galbi. The marinate and the sauce is out-of-this-world! This is the most asked-for dish. It seems I can never make enough of it!

LA galbi

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