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I often get contacted by readers telling me their children love to watch my videos. My youngest fan so far was a 3 years old girl! Some of the children simply like to watch me cooking, some are helping their moms to make Korean dishes. Some want to make their own dish. I remember one readers’ daughter was helping her mom and said, “Mom, I like to cook like Maangchi — like this!” Whenever I hear these stories, it gives me a big smile and I think these young children will be wanting Korean food in their whole lives.

This time our Korean Food Fan is an elementary school student named Emma. Her mom Caron sent me a few photos and said: “My daughter loves watching your videos. She made Gimbap and I took this picture.” Emma’s first taste of Korean food was when she cooked from my yang-gaeng (Sweet Red Bean Jelly) video, which is an unusual choice. That’s so cool!


What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Emma and I am 12 years old. I love to cook and LOVE Maangchi. I live in the Toronto, Canada.

Tell me about the first time you ever tasted Korean food. Where were you, and what did you eat?
The first time I tasted Korean food was when I cooked from Maangchi’s recipe. I make the red bean jello dessert because I am half Chinese and we also eat red bean desserts.

Emma's momEmma’s mom Caron! They look similar! : )

How often do you cook Korean food following my recipes?
I love to cook when I have time between school, taekwondo and Canadian Air Cadets. I watch Maangchi all the time as well as some other youtubers but I love Maangchi:-)

What are your favorite Korean dishes? Choose 3, please!
I love Gimbap, dumplings, and beef ribs. They are great tasting. I wish to try more recipes. Will you come visit me one day? I would be so happy. Maybe I can come visit you?

What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on when you make it?
Gimbap. My Gimbap turned out great! I didn’t get any help from my mom (only she cleaned up after me:-)). I have to be careful cooking because my mom has a fish/seafood allergy so it’s difficult to make certain dishes. But I even made a Gimbap roll without seaweed. It was hard.

IMAG1379Yay! Emma’s homemade gimbap! Delicious!

Me with my finished GimbapEmma seems to say, “Here you go, everybody! Do you want to taste my gimbap?”

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