Last Saturday at my meetup I was worried about one couple I was expecting from out of state who never came. It was raining and I was afraid something happened. It turned out they couldn’t make it which was disappointing but they wrote me a nice email about why they really wanted to come:

The reason we were (and are) so excited about your site, is because my husband has two Korean half sisters. They’ve been cooking for him his whole life, and for me our whole marriage, but like you said on your site, Koreans don’t really measure stuff out to cook, so whenever I said ‘how can I make this for my husband?’ it was ‘well, it’s different every time,’ yada yada, so I never got a recipe. When we found, I started being able to cook everything they do- and sometimes things they haven’t tried cooking! (like tang soo yuk or jjajangmyun, they only eat these at restaurants.)

Now I am able to share all my favorite foods with my family, too. My sister loves mandu and my dad loves kimchee jigae. We have three nearby korean or general asian markets, so we are lucky that it’s always close by to go grab ingredients for a new recipe. The one thing I can’t find is the gim for those triangle gimbaps which I want to make, so we’re going to keep looking.

All that to say this- sorry we didn’t make it. I was so looking forward to meeting everyone, and my daughter has never been to New York so it was going to be a really fun day! I hope everyone had fun and there were lots of nice leftovers :)

They were going to bring their baby Faith. Mom says she is my “littlest fan” – 7 months old and her favourite food is gimbap! I’m sure she will grow up to be a Korean food connoisseur or good at cooking!



  1. indivisible& has 1 comment

    Whoa her eyes are like anime eyes.

  2. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Good morning! Yes, I would like to meet you and your family someday!

  3. Wow, Maangchi, thanks for writing nuce things about us even after we stood you up! Now I feel like a celebrity, I hope there aren’t paparrazi outside my door this morning!! I hope you have another meetup soon and we will be sure to make it!

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