Lainey Rose

Here is my mini interview with Lainey and her gamjatang recipe video and some  photos of Korean dishes that she made.

1. What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Lainey and I live in Toronto, Canada.

2.What do you do and how many family members do you have?
I’m currently studying Dental Hygiene and attending part-time cooking school. I have a twin sister, mom and dad and three cats – one tuxedo, one tabby, and one Persian.

3. How often do you cook Korean food following my recipes?
I try as often as I can! I’ve made your maeuntang (spicy fish soup), hoddeok, hobakjuk (many times, delicious!), samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), kimchi jjigae, and gamjatang,

kimchi stew

kimchi bokkeumbap (stir-fried rice with kimchi)

4. What are your favorite Korean dishes? Choose 3, please!
I love gamjatang (pork bone soup) the most, there’s a place in Toronto that knows every time I go there I don’t want anything else! I also love those little walnut-shaped cakes filled with bean paste. And can’t forget soondubu jjigae with lots of extra kimchi in it! I also love pickled radishes.

5. What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on when you make it?
My vegan twin sister loves your hotteok because it’s hard for her to find nice things to eat because of her lifestyle choice. It’s so hard to impress her!

She is enjoying hotteok that she made !

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