Thank you all!

Can you believe that a couple of days ago I reached 10,000 YouTube subscribers? I remember when I got 5,000 I was very excited and proud, now I’m even more excited.

So today I’m introducing my 10,000th subscriber Matt to all of you!

mattfromyoutubeThis is the message that Matt sent me:

“Hello Maangchi, I am very happy to be your 10,000th subscriber and be introduced on your blog! My name is Matt and I live in Long Beach, California. I am 13 and am in 8th grade. I love your videos because they are easy to use and are delicious!”

I interviewed him through email.

Me: Hi, Matt, when did you find my recipes on the internet?

Matt: I found your recipes when I was watching cooking with dog (lol) and found that you were on her subscribers and I clicked on your channel. I have loved your recipes ever since.

Me: I started cooking when I was very young. Do you sometimes cook following my recipes?

Matt: Whenever I cook I use your recipes and follow exactly what they say.

Me: Do your parents sometimes use my recipes?

Matt: Yes my parents sometimes use my recipes.

Me: Your hairstyle is very unique! It must be very popular these days. Are you going to hair salon to get the hairstyle? : )

Matt: No my hair style is natural I don’t like to use chemicals in my hair I like to keep it healthy.

Me: Anything else you want to talk about?

Matt: I am Korean/French I know its weird T.T


  1. Samantha& has 1 comment

    Matt saying that he is weird because of the mixing blood of Korean and french.,.I would like to “protest” You look GREAT,Matt.. and he looks CUTE with that hairstyle.
    *I think his trait is more towards Korean,right?*
    Link Ms Maangchi’s blog makes my day,cos I get to be updated with lots of Korean dishes you have made.. thumbs up..but I nvr try cooking cos the ingredients is hardly to be obtained in M’sia. *sigh*
    saranghae,YOu rock :)

  2. woah! great site! I’m a part-time dentist and cartoonist, but I love cooking! and I’m so grateful to stumble upon your site! congrats with your 10,000th subscriber! will come by often! :)

  3. Thanks for posting this Maangchi! I wonder what people Will say about this >.>

  4. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09

    Well done!

  5. BTW, Congratulation For 10,000 subscribers
    But I’m Not Shocked Because Your Vids
    Are so Easy , Delecious & Helpfull
    So You Can Get 10000000000000 Subscribers
    If You’ll Keep Showing Us Great & Extremely
    Adorable Vids
    You Are Really Great Maangchi ;))

  6. Hey Maybe you don’t know I’m Also 13 Yrs Old Boy T_T

  7. Maangchi New York City joined 8/08 & has 12,045 comments

    Thank you guys for your encouragement!

  8. Yayyy, Maanchi, 10,000! Way to go!


  9. Libelle& has 30 comments

    Wow, 10,000! Congratulations, Maangchi ssi! Matt looks like a cool kid! ^^ (btw Matt, Korean/French…not weird at all!^^)

  10. KennyT& has 3 comments

    That’s really cool Maangchi. Congratulations!!!

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