Here is my mini interview with Renata and the photos of Korean dishes that she made! Renata is very interesting, you’ll see that she’s really resourceful and inventive. She made her own charcoal BBQ grill, using her mom’s pot! It reminds me of the time I ruined my mom’s ladle learning how to make candy.

Check out her samgyeopsal table setting to see how she did it. And it looks delicious!

1. What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Renata Wu. I was born in Brazil, but my parents are from Taiwan.  I live in  Mogi das Cruzes – Sao Paulo

Renata made all this kimchi!

2. What do you do and how many family members do you have ?
At the moment I work with my father with auto parts, my parents have 6 children!!! 4 girls and 2 twin boys, I’m the 4th in the family. In 2005 I was studying gastronomy, but because of financial issues, I couldn’t finish… I’m hoping to graduate abroad, I was thinking korea… that’s why I’m learning korean too… I’m a koreandramaholic lol!

3. How many heads of cabbage did you use to make the amount of kimchi in the photo?
I used 35 heads of cabbage and 10 chinese radish – which fit in two jars.
I have made kimchi with your recipe 12 times so far! I make kimchi for Koreans who come to our church. My church was founded almost 50 years ago, from the first Taiwanese grandparents that came from Taiwan, to make a life in Brazil.

Brazilians and Koreans in Renata’s church


5. What are your favorite Korean dishes? Choose 3, please!
Samgyeopsal, soybean sprouts soup, and fish cake!!! I haven’t made it yet, because fish cake here is expensive.
I even made  my own charcoal grill for samgyupsal gui using my mom’s my mom went crazy when she saw the pot that I used!  huhauahuah!

samgyeopsal gui (pork belly BBQ)

sujebi (hand-torn noodle soup)

6. Where do you study Korean language?
My teacher is studying in the seminary to became a missonary or pastor, and she’s korean, so.. last year she opened a korean class, and she uses one room from the seminary to teach Korean.


  1. Magic of Spice California joined 8/10 & has 6 comments

    What a great interview… And Renata, that BBQ is genius and your dishes are wonderful :)

  2. Eden India joined 8/10 & has 7 comments

    You might be the next Maangchi!!! All the best for your studies. You will surely achieve your goals! Have faith sis! :-) God bless you.

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