This week our Korean food fan is Ylong Pok, a university student from Cambodia! The first Korean food he ever had was his own homemade bibimbap! Check out his photos of bibimap, potato pancake, and kimchi pork bossam. I’m impressed by all these dishes, and also by the fact that he cooks his favorite food everyday and is totally self-sufficient, even as a busy university student. Nice meeting you, Ylong! fan1

What is your name and where do you live?

My name is Yilong Pok from Cambodia

Tell me about the first time you ever tasted Korean food. Where were you, and what did you eat?

Everyday! Korean food like kimchi, gimbap, and jjajangmyeon is very popular in my country.

How often do you cook Korean food?

I cook Korean food almost everyday.

What are your 3 favorite Korean dishes?

Bibimbap, bossam, and gamjajeon.

What’s your best Korean dish, the one that everybody compliments you on?

Bibimbap, my friends at my school envy my bibimbap lunchbox

not cute~ xD my gamjajeon~ since I didn't add color so it is n ot green my delicious gamjajeon!

so simple.. so very simple with bacon and kimchi only Simpler version of bossam.: Kimchi and pork bossam is very delicious.

Bibimbap~ but already mixed xD Yummy bibimbap

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