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"hi ^^ i, like more than a few other poor souls, accidentally got 찹쌀가루 instead of 멥쌀가루 and i'm a night owl, so i didn't realize until i was preparing homemade 떡 for 떡국 for the first time last night. thankfully your recommendation to make 인절미 to someone on your page for making 가래떡 saved me from throwing out over a pound of dough. it was late at night and all shops close early here in Austria, so instead of soy bean and mugwort powder, i dusted the sliced cakes with cinnamon-sugar, cocoa-sugar, and green tea powder-sugar. they taste nice! a friend of mine said 인절미 can also be made like a pancake, i hope to see a recipe for that style 인절미 some day. thank you!"
in Injeolmi rice cake — Feb/15

"Hi^^ I dont eat cane sugar so i used honey in this recipe. Substitution was around 2/3 of the amount compared to how much sugar is called for. It tasted very nice, especially since i used tamari soy sauce. I also didnt have much sweet potato noodle left so i used buckwheat noodles along with, it was nice ^^"
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Aug/14