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"Hi Maangchi! My name is Dianne and i really wanted to try to make my own fish cakes. I found a recipe to make homemade fish cakes but I would like to know if you think this recipe might good. - Ingredients for 4 portions of Eomuk - White-flesh Fish(frozen pollack, or pollack, or white croakers(corbina), etc) 300g, a squid, (potato) starch(2/3 cup), salt, sugar, cooking wine, cooking oil for frying it - Recipe - 1. Wash white croakers and squids clean, be dry them, cut them off properly, and grind them in a blender. 2. Put them into the big bowl and knead them mixing with starch, salt, sugar, cooking wine, etc. 3. Spoon the kneaded pastes by ones(a spoonful) into 175~180℃ oil until they"
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