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"I think my earthenware bowl was slightly larger because it only filled about 2/3 of it. Also, it’s been 20 minutes and no steam and I peeked and it’s basically still liquid. I have a glass top stove. Is that perhaps why it’s not cooking?"
in Spicy steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl — Jan/19

"Is this supposed to taste salty? I think I messed up making this because mine is way too salty. I did use pink salt instead of kosher salt because that’s all I have. Can I salvage this somehow? Or was it supposed to taste salty?"
in Red bean porridge (Patjuk) — Nov/18

"Maangchi, can you use this type of bowl to cook with on a glass top stove? Not induction, but still glass top. Will it scratch or damage the stove? Or affect how the food cooks?"
in Earthenware bowl — Oct/18