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"I've made this twice already. I can see it's going to become a staple for me. Each time, I added in a few extra veggies on hand (mushrooms and some from my garden--like spinach and Swiss chard) and even used some leftover Indian spinach paneer thinking the spices would work to enhance the recipe--they were a great substitute for the green chilies which I didn't have. Both times, the result was delicious. The first time, I included the apple ssamjang and ate it as a lettuce wrap--great! Last night, I just ate it over a bulk mixed rice we're able to obtain at the supermarket (has wild, red, brown rice in it), and it was just scrumptious! Thank you so much for this tasty recipe."
in Spicy tuna stew (Chamchi-jjigae: 참치찌개) — Jun/20

"I'm going to try this today. I own your three recipes books (in one volume for my Kindle), but I couldn't find this recipe in there. Did I miss it? I am subscribed and watch your YouTube videos all the time and totally enjoy watching you--so fun! My favorite is Korean pancakes; I'm an expert in them now. :-) Many thanks."
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Mar/19