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"Hi Maangchi! I made this tonight for dinner and it was a complete hit. My husband and daughter came home a bit early and so i was rushing to get it on the table,,so i skipped some ingredients but it turned out AMAZING!, seriously! i am a very good cook and have very great taste in foods but this was simply delis and everyone, including my fussy daughter ate it up. all you heard at the table was crunch, crunch, crunch. You can't imagine how good it made me feel to see them licking their lips and smiling. My daughter said she can't stop eating it….WOW, can you believe that? So crunchy by just using potato starch! that is the secret ingredient in this recipe. If you fry them right you will have great results, like I did. Thank you Maangchi for sharing your secret with us. Never will we be satisfied with restaurant wings again."
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Apr/15

"Hello again Maangchi! from Toronto, Today i took a quick trip to Galleria to pick up some Perilla seed powder and made this soup. SO DELISH!, outstanding recipe. I used up all my Nappa in my 2nd batch of Kimchi and only had regular cabbage but it still was amazing! Today I will not eat it with rice but with thick noodles because my Taiwanese step daughter is with us and she likes those thick noodles used in the noodles with black bean sauce. Its a big mix and match around here…not 100% authentic, but very suiting to eveyones taste buds. ALSO: readers might be interested in this. If you are not in a hurry and can make your pork bone soup one day ahead. Its very good to make the broth and put it in the fridge, then you can "skim" off all the hard fat! Reheat when you are ready to season it and its a much leaner soup, without worrying bout too much fat! This is a great recipe. Thanks Maangchi. I am always looking for your new posted recipes. Faye"
in Pork bone soup (Gamjatang) — Apr/15

"Hi Maangchi, I finally made this delicious recipe. I used pork and only fresh mushrooms along with all the other ingredients and it turned out amazing. I made it all waiting ready without the meat. When i heard my husband open the garage door i started frying the slivered marinated pork that was waiting in the fridge. Once the meat was cooked I just added it to the veg/noodle mixture, checked for seasoning and served along with you eggplant side dish and voila! I am a star because of you. We could eat fast and rush off to the movies. thanks so much for explaining your recipes so well and anticipating if we only had pork or didn't eat meat etc. I will always return to your channel and see "whats cooking" thanks again.. a big fan from Toronto…."
in Japchae (Sweet potato starch noodles stir fried with vegetables) — Jan/15

"Hi Maangchi, I made this Kimchi and just tasted it again today, day 3 of fermentation and it could use one more day on the counter top until it goes into the fridge. It didn't stop me from making my now favourite kimchi grilled cheese for breakfast! I loved it. Tangy and spicy without bitterness. It tasted better than the one I bought from Galleria! thank you for that. I have one question: when chopping up the kimchi I find that it stains the cutting board. How can i get out that beautiful red stain? Thanks for helping me feel confident enough to make yummy kimchi."
in Easy kimchi — Nov/14

"I made this last night and WOW!. How correct you are….kimchi and dairy are the perfect pairing. I made butter fried rice with Kimchi. This morning I made a cheddar grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with sautéed KIMCHI inside!!! I was blown away and I had to stop myself from making a second sandwich….. Guess whats for my breakfast tomorrow? NOT your typical breakfast. So So tasty."
in Butter-kimchi fried rice — Nov/14

"LOL, good bargain at .59 cents. I paid .79 cents today at HMART on Yonge St. I got up at 1:30a.m to open and look at my freshly made Kimchi. I saw 2 bubbles and felt relieved!!!! HAHA….too much fun. I wish my husband cared more about the process but the funny thing is….. We eat indian food. I am white Canadian and he is imported from India, and now a Canadian citizen. With our dinner last night (indian food) he opened the fridge and started to help himself to a portion of my store bought Kimchi!!!! too funny watching him eat it along indian food…..LOL I think he is HOOKED….: )"
in Napa cabbage (Baechu) — Nov/14

"Hiya,!!! How do you like all the snow of recent? I love your rice roll recipe and will try it shortly with something other than lobster…(not in my budget) Keep up the fantastic work and I will continue to watch your great work. I was thinking of posting some of my own videos and hope they are as successful as yours. thanks so much for inspiring me. F from Toronto, Canada"
in Lobster gimbap (seaweed rice rolls) — Nov/14

"Hi Maanchi, So i can make Kimchi with the mild coarse chilli pepper flake/powder? thanks from a Newbie in Toronto, Canada!!!!"
in Easy kimchi — Nov/14

"you are as sweet as your candy!!!!!!"
in Sesame peanut candy (Kkae-ttangkong gangjeong) — Nov/14

"Maanchi, seriously you have started my journey on discovering Korean food. It looks great and I will keep you posted on my progress. Anyone watching you can tell you are passionate about your cooking. When you taste your food it looks to me like its really really delish!. It doesn't hurt that you are so cute as well. Please come by when you are in Toronto. We have a very large Korean community here and I can find all these ingredients easily…..thanks for teaching me how to start cooking Korean."
in Kimchi fried rice (Kimchi-bokkeumbap) — Nov/14