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"My Korean husband adores this recipe, but even better, we're thrilled that this has become our daughter's favorite food! Thank you, Maangchi! She'll ask, "Dad, Papa (he's Dad, I'm Papa :) ) can we have Korean chicken soup again" and if you saw that little face you'd be just as helpless to resist ;) She hasn't contracted a single cold from her kindergarten classmates yet, but the whole kindergarten has decided our house is the place to be for delicious snacktime playdates - especially other Korean families, where we trade tips! (Dad and Papa are learning from Maangchi!) My in-laws love your recipes as well - they keep teasing the husband that he's lucky he found such a natural cook - when, shh, I learnt all I know through Maangchi :)"
in Chicken noodle soup from scratch (Dak-kalguksu) — Dec/15