Amyimogen's comments

"Hi Maangchi! I love your videos and website. I've made kimchi twice before using this recipe (and it was amazing!) - however I only did 2 heads of cabbage at a time and therefore halved your recipe. However, this time I did 3 heads (3kgs) and did your exact recipe (however I omit ginger and squid). I was very excited to have LOTS of kimchi on hand - however, after 3 day ferment I tried my kimchi and it's waaay too fishy and garlicky I also find the kimchi is much softer than usual and has kind of lost its texture. Did I simply over-flavour? Or is my kimchi not right in fermenting process? I would feel very sad to throw away 3kgs worth of kimchi... but I also have a fear of "off" food. Please advise! Much love ❤️"
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — May/17