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"I agree with you Rike . I also made this today and didn't peel the apple and it was delicious! I think the peel adds to the crunch. Also, I was out of green onions so I substituted with garlic chives and that worked just as well. I also decided to leave out the sesame oil to save on calories. Since there are already sesame seeds I don't think I was missing out on too much flavor. I had wondered if leaving out the oil would mean that that the sauce would end up being too thick, but after letting it stand for about 15 minutes the juice from the apple started to work its way through the sauce and it was perfect. I decided to just mix it in with the white rice I had handy and I ate it with a big bowl a fresh spinach. I would make the pouch in my mouth so to speak. One bite of rice mixed with ssamjang, followed by stuffing a handful of fresh spinach into my mouth. It was quick and easy and it worked, and of course it was delicious! Thank you Maangchi for making eating healthy so delicious!"
in Apple ssamjang dipping sauce (사과쌈장) — Jul/19

"Hi Maangchi! :-) What should be the consistency of the soybeans when they are cooked correctly? Should they be very soft or will they still be somewhat firm? After I cooked mine for 15 minutes they were still firm when I tasted them? I just want to make sure that I cooked them correctly. Thank you :-)"
in Soy milk (Duyu: 두유) — Jan/19