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"I will experiment a bit after I finish this batch of oi-sobagi. If it turns out well, I'll let you know so that others can try it as well. ^^"
in Spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi) — May/15

"Hey Maangchi! Two great things happened yesterday. The first was that I finally made your oi-sobagi recipe! I couldn't find buchu so I followed your suggestion to use scallions. I'm sure it would taste much better with buchu- I love the garlicy taste it has! Nevertheless, the oi-sobagi turned out great! Actually, my older sister was jealous because she cannot eat spicy food. (She loved your baek-kimchi recipe!) Do you know of a way to make oi-sobagi without the red pepper flakes? I considered adding red bell pepper for the color but I found myself a bit puzzled as to how to bind all of the stuffing together. But I digress- the second great thing that happened was that your cookbook arrived! I couldn't wait to go through it and I was not disappointed. You and your team did a great job in breaking everything down and explaining it. It is only the third cookbook I own but I am excited to start using it! Keep up the great work!"
in Spicy stuffed cucumber kimchi (Oi-sobagi) — May/15

"That's kind of an amazing contest. ^^! It'd be nice to win. I live in Ohio and there are no Asian markets so it's hard to come by the ingredients. I have to drive at least an hour to get to one. Not that I'm complaining too much, there are others who are worse off than me I'm sure. Nevertheless, congrats to those who do! Happy Cooking! Thanks for the contest Maangchi and CJ Foods! =D p.s. Kalbi is by far my favorite Korean dish. I made it recently for my family and needless to say, it will be made again. It's well worth the drive! XD"
in Win a Korean cooking startup kit from CJ — Nov/11