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"I made this today after finding a kit at a tiny Asian story near me :) so much fun to make"
in Fried tofu stuffed with rice (Yubuchobap: 유부초밥) — Sep/20

"I have the opposite issue........I don't have any ramekins.........can I still do this using a spring-form in the steamer?"
in Squash rice cake (Hobaktteok) — Sep/20

"Oh please never give up the rice. Let me tell you my story. When I divorced I took a look at myself and saw that I was very unhealthy and had to look at my life and find out where I derailed. I thought about the time in my life when I was happiest and healthiest. This was the 5 years that I lived in Korea. So I converted myself and my daughter back to an almost exclusive Korean diet. We eat lightly throughout the day and at around 6-7pm we have a full bapsang (rice table) dinner: We include rice, soup, Namul (something made from fresh veggies usually greens or sprouts and lightly seasoned, Jang (seasoning sauce or something heavily salted or pickled), Kimchi, High protien banchan and a vegetable banchan (different then namul because it can be made with preserved veggies). Eating this way plus making sure I am properly hydrated with water and getting at least 10,000 steps a day has caused me to loose over 100 pounds since March. I am healtier, I have more energy and I am happier. Rice is not the enemy, however too many complex carbs like bread and such are. Don't give up your rice, I know I wont! (PS most of my Korean dishes I learned by watching you :) )"
in Seasoned seaweed (Gim-muchim: 김무침) — Aug/20

"Is there a possible substitute for the milk in this recipe?"
in Chicken dumplings (Dakgogi mandu: 닭고기 만두) — Aug/20

"I have a question I made these and today I was on step 8-10. After boiling the brine there is not enough left to even cover half of the I just add more soy sauce and vinegar? Surely we are not supposed to refrigerate for a week when the brine doesn't even reach up half of the peppers? anyone help?"
in Green chili pepper pickles (Gochu-jangajji) — Aug/20

"I have watched this website for a long time. I love the recipes. I lived in Korea for a few years a few decades ago and when I came back home went back to eating Western food. Over the years I have developed a lot of digestive issues and gained a TON of weight. After this divorce I am going through I have sat and wondered when in my life I was at my best. Honestly, the answer was when I lived in Korea. I ate better, I was more active, my lifestyle was completely different and I was HAPPY. I started looking around for recipes to get back on track and found Maangchi and all her beautiful dishes. I have recreated, with her help through this site, some of my favorite foods and have started being more satisfied and happier, and guess what the weight is falling off. I think a lot has to do with my copious consumption of kimchi again, not enough can be said for the benefits of that, I adapted from one of Maangchi's kimchi recipes with what I had available locally or could get shipped and it is part of every meal. This recipe here I cannot wait to try, lunchboxes remind me of the little wooden ones my neighbor in Korea would bring me every morning before I went off to work. I don't have an Asian bone in my body but I miss Korea, I miss my friends and I miss the food and the culture so much. Maangchi and her recipes have helped me bring a little bit of that back into my life. Thank you so much."
in Stir-fried potato and ham (Gamja-haem-bokkeum: 감자햄볶음) — Jul/20