AnneP's comments

"Thank you for this recipe! I made kimchi for the first time about two weeks ago using this recipe (with some adjustments since I didn't have a few ingredients) and it turned out great! I used three containers: two small plastic boxes and one glass jar (thoroughly cleaned, it originally contained store-bought kimchi). I tasted a bit of each kimchi every day and each one tasted a little different from the others, even though they all came from the same batch. I think there might be many reasons why: maybe it's the container's material, maybe because the "empty" space was bigger in one of the plastic boxes than in the other containers, the amount of green onion and carrots was different in each container, etc. maybe it's a bit of everything. But in the end, none of them tasted bad, just different. One of them fermented pretty quickly and tasted great, another started fermenting pretty slowly and still tasted fairly "fresh" after four days outside and it tasted good in its on way! I was a little worried at first, though, because when I was making kimchi, I ate a piece of raw cabbage after salting it and rinsing it 3 times, and it tasted bitter. I thought it was probably normal and that the taste would go away once it was covered with kimchi paste, but when I started tasting the actual kimchi one or two days after making it, it still tasted bitter and kind of strange, but I didn't know if it was normal since the only kimchi I had ever tasted before was store-bought and it probably wasn't at such an early stage. I almost thought I was going to have to throw it away but fortunately I found a comment on another site that said that usually, theirs was bitter too for a couple days right after making it but it tasted better after waiting a few days more, so I decided to leave it alone for a day or two, only opening the containers to push down the cabbage back into the brine when I remembered to do so, and after a few days I decided to try again and it finally tasted right! I can't wait to make more! :D"
in Easy kimchi — Oct/17