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"You make my days in Corona time amazing here in Belgium. I am a choreographer, having my compagny and people. I need to stay creativ but also rest from touring non stop. I am now every day in the house with my partner and 14year oldson and neednto be creativ..i love cooking. So, obsessiv with making fermentated foods, into sourdough making, into Kimchi, and into losst of your dishes! A simple question, i see your kitchentool saying 1 cup, or half a cup.. what are the grams of your cup, and liquid milliliters? For the rest, everyhing fine...thanknyou and keep going please. You areba very beautiful, funny, intelligent woman..and you make dark days bright. Thank you. Ann"
in Kkotppang: 꽃빵 (Steamed flower-shaped buns) — Mar/20