Aronui's comments

"Another simple and delicious recipe, thank you. I used veggie stock and soy sauce and added a little cheese. I'm vegetarian and don't eat fish sauce. I think this will be my new favourite way to makes eggs. The vegetable pancakes yesterday and this recipe today goes to show you can eat good food cheaply, and with minimal effort and prepare it quicker then any fast food you could order in. I'm grateful for your clear directions and tasty foods."
in Steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl (Ttukbaegi gyeranjjim) — Oct/21

"Omgoodness! Why did I never try this before now? Thank you, Maangchi! I've made some of your recipes before but today I decided out of the blue to try a vegetable pancake. I was chuffed to hear in the video that it's a good rainy day comfort food, as it was something about the rainy day here that made me think it would be good to try today. So simple. So good. Mine was made with spring onion, onion, wombok, Japanese sweet potato, zucchini, very thin asparagus spears sliced in half and chopped into 1 inch lengths, and swiss brown mushrooms. The browned mushrooms look and taste amazing. I left the salt out of the pancake because I felt the soy sauce would be enough. This veggie combination was great, but I look forward to trying more with other veggies I have on hand in future. It's such an easy recipe to always be prepared for. I added some very hot Chinese chilies (in oil) on top of the pancake, and used your dipping sauce. Flipping it successfully made me so happy Ah, delicious recipe! Thank you."
in Vegetable pancake (Yachaejeon) — Oct/21