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"That seems like a lot of food for a lunch. Way more than enough to feed four - especially if everyone has rice and soup. I'd barely be able to eat the rice and soup, plus maybe a bite of kimchi. What do you traditionally do with the leftovers? Especially the fish? Does it all get packed away separately in the fridge for another meal?"
in A typical Korean homestyle table setting — Mar/15

"This market has since changed its name to Diana's Korean Market. They have the best selection of Kimchi in the valley. Not only do they have baechu kimchi (made from napa cabbage), but they also have radish kimchi, which is outstanding! The people who work here are Korean and don't understand much English, but they are very kind and cheerful, also willing to be as helpful as can be. I love going in to see them and interact with them. i wish I knew their language."
in Diana Oriental Market — Feb/15

"I wish you would make a new video of Bibimbap. The original one you did, you overcooked the egg. Please remake! Thanks! Brenda"
in Dolsot bibimbap for dinner — Feb/13