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"* where to find barley malt powder where I live (almost the middle of nowhere regarding korean ingredients :p ). So, can I skip it, or can I replace it with something else? (sorry for the splitted comment..)"
in Homemade rice syrup (Ssal-jocheong: 쌀조청) — Feb/21

"Hi Maangchi!! Thanks again for all your wonderful recipes. I have a question concerning barley malt powder: is it absolutely necessary for making rice syrup? I wanted to make the crunchy nut candy, so I bought the nuts, and forgot that barley malt powder was needed. I'm gluten sensitive so I try avoiding it as much as possible and I actually don't know where to find b"
in Homemade rice syrup (Ssal-jocheong: 쌀조청) — Feb/21

"Hi Maangchi. I received your cookbook some days ago and I already tried some recipe. Today I was thinking on making fermented sardines along whith fermented squid, they were really cheap at the market so I couldn't resist. In the book you said to just wash and pat dry the sardines, did you mean that I don't need to remove the innards or the scales? If that's the case that's great, less work to do, and I wouldn't remove them if it's better to leave them as they are, but I am worried that it could give a bad taste to the sauce. Anyway, thanks for the book and all your recipes :-D"
in Fish sauce (Aekjeot) — Apr/19

"Hi Maangchi. I can't find dried anchovies here at my local asian market, so I was wandering: since I have some (very very small) dried shrimps would it be ok to use them in place of the anchovies? And how many of them should I use? I'd really like to try this recipe, thank you for sharing it :D"
in Soybean paste soup with cabbage (Baechu-doenjangguk) — Oct/18